“The RevContent team is very supportive and keeps me abreast of industry changes. This is what you want from your partners. I appreciate having access to this feedback loop of people I can trust who are very forthcoming with information and help me to be better at my job– which in turn helps the business reach its monetization goals.”
Justin Barton
S.V.P. of Digital Strategy and Partnerships, Black Enterprise


Black Enterprise is a black-owned multimedia company founded by Earl G. Graves Senior. Black Enterprise first launched as a magazine publication in 1970 and was regarded as the Black Forbes or Fortune covering black businesses and entrepreneurs. In 2020, Black Enterprise pivoted to a digital media and events business. Their team today works closely with major brands, agencies, and corporate diversity, equity and inclusion resource groups. Since 1970, Black Enterprise has provided essential business information and wealth building advice to professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and decision makers. They are the only minority focused media company tailored to the business community.


RevContent has provided superior monetization when it comes to AMP (accelerated mobile pages) ad units for Black Enterprise. This is incredibly important to Black Enterprise’s business as much of their traffic is coming from sites using the AMP platform. Black Enterprise sees greater performance here than via their web function so having the right resources to maximize these results is key. Many content recommendation companies do not support AMP and are no longer dedicating the time and resources to building this function out. Black Enterprise has seen the highest AMP RPMs with RevContent than with any other provider.

Why RevContent

Support and Service
The Black Enterprise team appreciates that RevContent provides the same level or quality of service and support no matter the size of the company they are working with. RevContent strives to create strong partnerships and close working relationships.
“It’s great to work with people you enjoy being around and that’s how I feel about the RevContent team. That’s the most important thing to me –knowing there are always people that have my back if there is ever an issue. That’s the kind of relationship I want with our partners and that is exactly what we have with RevContent.” – Justin Barton, V.P. of Digital Strategy and Partnerships at Black Enterprise

No Exclusivity Restrictions
Unlike many other service providers, RevContent does not require their publishers to sign exclusivity deals within their contracts. Black Enterprise is very business focused and RevContent allows them to use additional tools within their digital advertising mix. The Black Enterprise team finds this to be another major benefit of working with RevContent.

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