Zip Code Targeting Launches as New Layer of Granularity for Advertisers

Today, we’re excited to release Zip Code and DMA targeting,  the latest release in a series of product upgrades. As Comscore reports an 89% increase in the consumption of local news, we know it’s more important than ever to offer this level of granular targeting within our platform. 

Sharon Lyon, Vice President of Sales and Operations says, “Advertisers have access to a whole new level of granularity with hyper local targeting capabilities. For regional and location specific offers and products, they can attract relevant customers to geo-constrained products and offers and capitalize on markets worth more to their brand and adjust costs accordingly.”

Overall, advertisers have the ability to effectively spend budgets for the exact users they want to reach the most in specific, local markets.

As RevContent becomes one of the biggest players in local news with hundreds of markets under the worlds largest media conglomerates, RevContent advertisers have over 13 billion monthly impressions to access. 

For advertisers, they’re now able to reach specific users in specific markets.

  • Local businesses can now utilize native traffic – previously, if a business only had physical stores, it was difficult to buy traffic effectively. Now, local shops and stores can use zip code targeting to reach users within a certain distance from their locations. 
  • For brands with geo-specific offers, they can target large metro regions, helping them spend their budget wisely and attract relevant customers
  • Advertisers can capitalize on markets worth more to their brand and adjust costs accordingly

Right within the normal campaign set up, Zip Code Targeting is now available to include and exclude postal codes and metros.

To get started with zip code targeting today, login to your RevContent account to get started.

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