Essential Native Advertising Tips for Beginners

For advertisers, native advertising provides a huge opportunity to get people to pay attention to their brand and buy their products. With these essential tips, beginners can get started in no time:

Determine Your Native Advertising KPIs

An effective native advertising strategy begins with determining your KPIs. Instead of simply producing great content, determining your KPIs allows you to ensure that your campaigns are driving specific results. Just because your content receives a high CTR doesn’t necessarily mean that you are meeting your specific marketing goals. Is your goal to increase website traffic, improve brand awareness or increase website conversions? By setting your KPIs, you will be able to have a better understanding of what success looks like.

Define Your Audience

Delivering content that is useful and personalized to a specific audience is key to an effective native advertising campaign. Many native advertising platforms allow you to target users by their interests, age, location, gender and devices. Instead of relying on guesswork, an effective native advertising strategy defines your audience personas in order to create content that aligns with their wants and needs. In fact, 56% of companies have generated higher quality leads using buyer personas. To begin, define the audience that you want to reach and then research what their browsing habits are. Each piece of content that you create should have a specific goal in mind.

Quality over Quantity

The success of native advertising campaigns is largely determined by the quality of the content. Instead of churning out tons of content in hopes that is resonates with you audience, think about how you can address the needs or values of your audience. Whether you are offering expert advice or teaching your audience something new, the quality of your content is key. 

Include a Strong CTA

Your call-to-action is one of the most important aspects of your marketing efforts. Whether it’s getting users to, subscribe to your newsletter, sign up for your services, or purchase your products, your CTA is the key to getting users to take action. Effective CTAs are personalized to your specific audience, provide a unique value proposition and are placed clearly on your landing page. 

Test and Optimize Your Native Ads

For marketers, testing your campaigns can make a huge impact on your success. When it comes to testing, the details matter. This can involve your headline, creatives, landing page or even the content of your ad. With RevContent, users have the ability to split test their campaigns in order to determine what resonates best with their audiences.

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