RevContent Launches Industry-First Video Marketplace

Social media advertisers gain a new avenue for open web traffic

Today, we’re so excited to kick off 2020 with an exciting release completely unavailable elsewhere in our industry – video ad content styles for advertisers!

We’re going to market with the first video marketplace for advertisers.

With the ability to upload their own video content, advertisers are handed a new, desperately-needed additional avenue for open web traffic.

Previously in the native advertising space, video ads were only displayed from third-party sources, leaving advertisers unable to upload and utilize their own video content. With RevContent Video Marketplace as the first of its kind, advertisers will experience all the benefits of online video, including increased clicks and traffic at a lower cost.

RevContent is focused on creating advertiser-first solutions, and a video marketplace was requested frequently by advertiser and brands.

“In 2020, we’re incredibly focused on shaking up the product; there’s been zero innovation in what the technology looks like to consumers. RevContent is evolving the widget from static image ads to dynamic, engaging video content,” said Richard Marques, Chief Executive Officer at RevContent. 

RevContent Video allows advertisers flexibility and new strategies in testing, giving them a different level to pull to get access to RevContent’s premium brands and publishers.

Tactically, RevContent advertisers can seamlessly transition video content from other platforms by downloading and uploading it right in the RevContent dashboard. Advertisers can utilize the same file formats as existing video campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram with video lengths ranging from 10-120 seconds.

As not all advertisers have access to video creatives, please submit through this link to enable video content in the RevContent dashboard. 

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