Three Founders Publishing Experiences Consecutive Record-Breaking Profit Days on RevContent: Case Study

Three Founders Publishing Experiences Consecutive Record-Breaking Profit Days on RevContent

Case Study Highlights:

  • Consecutive record-breaking profit days 
  • 10X conversions by running direct vs. DSP
  • More granular control over bid position and optimizing on an individual site basis
  • High-quality premium traffic

The Background

Three Founders Publishing is a leading independent publisher of technology and financial research. With a skilled customer and traffic acquisition team, Three Founders Publishing is an experienced buyer across native networks as well as social media.  

In early 2020, Three Founders Publishing was purchasing RevContent traffic through a well-known DSP. They noticed the high-quality traffic from RevContent quickly becoming profitable, and they shifted to buying direct on RevContent, resulting in lower costs, more volume, and higher quality traffic. 

Three Founders Publishing Experiences Consecutive Record-Breaking Proft Days 

After beginning to build and scale campaigns directly through RevContent, Three Founders Publishing quickly began to see increased volume at a lower cost. Easily hitting key performance indicators of increased sales and engagement, they scaled from hundreds of dollars a day through the DSP to over $50K a day when they launched directly on RevContent. 

“We ran all the sources on a broad DSP campaign, and Revontent had the best promise out of those. Instead of just running through the DSP, we decided to go direct and got over 10x the conversions pretty much instantly,” said Brenton, Head Media Buyer at Three Founders Publishing, an Agora Company. 

Three Founders Publishing experienced consecutive record-breaking profit and sales days with a lower CPA in March 2020. RevContent now makes up over half of Three Founders Publishing’s overall volume and consistently outperforms other content recommendation networks. 

High-Quality Traffic, Ease of Optimizations, and Scaled Performance 

Three Founders Publishing also speaks to the high-quality, premium traffic through RevContent’s direct relationships with publishers. As top sources on RevContent are only available direct and not through third-parties, they experience little to no seasonal fluctuations or programmatic volatility. 

“RevContent has some of the easiest traffic to get up and running. With more granular control on bid position, it’s easier to manage ads on a per site basis, making our spend highly efficient. RevContent has some of the highest-quality traffic out there through premium publishers, and we’re currently buying on all direct response channels.”

Three Founders Publishing speaks to the simplicity and ease of the RevContent platform when it comes to building campaigns and seeing what works. An intuitive platform, RevContent allows Three Founders Publishing granular insights into managing individual widget bids. 

Brent Powell, Director of Advertising at RevContent, said, “Three Founders Publishing is an ideal partner to work with; they are consistently open to new ideas and take advantage of opportunities in real time. They implement best practices such widget bidding to optimize the campaigns and scale up their top performing campaigns for maximum profit.” 

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