The Story of Richard Marques: CEO of RevContent

RevContent has taken the advertising and marketing industry by storm in the years since its beginning in 2013. With big clients like Barstool Sports, we have become the leading content marketing and discovery platform. We apply technology to help our clients reach new heights and exceed their goals for growth including revenue and audience.

We are able to keep our company up-to-date with current trends in the industry because we are constantly improving our strategies. We can help our clients increase their revenue and grow their audiences. How is this possible?

Continue reading to learn more about RevContent and the man behind the scenes: Richard Marques, RevContent CEO. 

Richard Marques, CEO Who?

As a kid, Richard Marques preferred watching infomercials over Saturday morning cartoons. This instilled an interest in marketing and advertising from a young age. Fast forward a few years and he is living out his dream.

With a Bachelor’s degree in advertising from the University of Florida and internships in the music industry, he has the background needed to find success in this industry. His internships in the music industry focused on monetization and ad partnerships. 

Marques’ unique experience made him an ideal choice for CEO. He has been making waves in the industry since RevContent’s inception. This allowed him to lead RevContent to the top of the advertising industry.

He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council. This is a position that is given by invite-only to respected tech leaders and executives in the industry. He is also a part of the Gulf Coast CEO Forum. The forum acts as a center for educational seminars that reflect today’s CEO culture.

He has worked his way up from Marketing & Operations and as the Vice President of Marketing. He previously worked as the Chief Marketing Officer and the Chief Operations Officer for the company. 

Since becoming CEO in 2018, Marques has helped the company transition from being a seven-year-old startup into a mature business. He has developed a departmental budget and has implemented standard business procedures.

What Is RevContent?

In an industry that is that thrives on innovation and adaptability, RevContent is always coming up with unique marketing strategies to help advertisers and publishers to increase their revenues by growing their target audiences.

RevContent practices transparency, integrity, and ingenuity. We are upfront and honest about what we can do for our clients in the marketing and advertising industry. When you hire RevContent you will see that we can help you:

  • Increase annual revenue
  • Gain a faster loading rate
  • Improve user experience
  • Add a qualitative value to your ads

RevContent helps their client’s publisher sites to load 68% faster than their competitors. We can make you up to 80% more revenue than you were making before. You will also find that we can use fewer ads space while pushing more content. Competitors show 20% content and an infinite ad scroll taking up 80% of the screen. We push 90% content and 10% ad space at a fixed height.

A partnership with RevContent allows clients to focus on creating fun, engaging content for their fans and customers. It lets them work on the more important task like actually running their business. They don’t have to stress over the digital aspects of increasing their revenues.

How Do Companies Benefit from RevContent’s Services?

RevContent empowers marketers to take their brands, regardless of their size, to the next level. They’re taught how to take their audiences and drive them to every stage of growing the brands.

Salon partnered with RevContent and was able to increase their revenue by 21% while giving their users a better experience. Using lightweight technology, Barstool Sports was able to increase its revenue. Companies like Wayfair, Tommy Chongs, mediaforce, Yahoo!, Sports Illustrated, Publishers Clearing House, and Penny Hoarder have utilized RevContent’s services.

How Is RevContent’s CEO Advancing to the Next Level?

Marques has been integral to the growth of our company’s premium publisher base. Under Marques’ direction, RevContent has seen a potential increase in the company’s profitability by 1,100%. RevContent recently acquired new clients including Barstool Sports, McClatchy, Nexstar Digital, Salon,, and 

RevContent is known for consistently meeting the strict standards that come from their clients. Client’s sites run more smoothly, their audience grows, and their ads are being viewed double and triple what they were before partnering up with RevContent. Providing this consistent quality of service is how we continue to advance in the industry. 

To get to the next level, we’ve rolled out new product offerings since the beginning of the year. Some of their new tools include browser targeting. RevContent has fine-tuned marketing strategies to get companies in touch with their target audiences. Not only that, but they also help to drive the target audience to act on seeing the ads with Browser Targeting.

They can narrow your target audience down to the state, region, and even zip code. These strategies can help to target an audience based on the device they are using. Language is even a determining factor in your target audience.

Our ability to adapt to the latest developments in marketing and advertising helps us to rise above the rest. Staying ahead of the curve is how we are going to make it to the next level.

Richard Marques: CEO of RevContent

RevContent continues to gain traction in the marketing and advertising industry, even during uncertain times. This is because we never stop adapting to the current trends in marketing. We continue to deliver contemporary opportunities to digital publishers and advertisers all around the world. 

Contact RevContent today to start your marketing campaign! We look forward to partnering with you.

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