The Buyer’s Journey: Content for Each Stage

It’s very rare that a consumer sees your product or service for the very first time, and decides to purchase it right then and there. With so many options out there, consumers have become research-obsessed. 81% of shoppers conduct research before making a purchase decision. This is why it’s so important to create specific content at each stage of the buyer’s journey. The content that you create at each stage has a huge impact on whether you gain a loyal customer or not.

Top of the Funnel: Awareness

The awareness stage is the first step to introducing the market to your brand, products or services. At this stage, consumers are not yet considered high-quality leads, so this is your chance to introduce your products and services and what they have to offer. Determine how you can educate your audience and address how you can fit their needs. In this stage of the buyer’s journey, you should capture your audience’s attention by providing answers through valuable content. Think about ways you can educate, inspire and entertain your audience. High-quality blog posts, ebooks, social content or educational content are effective in this stage of the funnel. 

Middle of the Funnel: Consideration

The consideration stage is arguably one of the most important stages in the buyer’s journey. It’s where consumers determine if what you are offering is right for them, or if they should look elsewhere. Do their specific needs or interests match what you’re offering? This is your opportunity to prove that you are an expert in your industry and stand out from the competition. Consumers aren’t yet ready to commit, so this is your chance to prove that you are the right choice. Types of content that work for this stage in the funnel include case studies, webinars or expert guides. Your content should provide insights, statistics, and real-examples that back-up your claims. For example, you could create a case study that highlights your past success or a video that addresses the consumer’s pain points. You could also create a guide that compares your products or services to your competition. Think about keywords you can use in this stage such as “Compare,” “Features,” or “Benefits.”

Bottom of the Funnel: Purchase

The purchase stage of the funnel is one of the most common stages that we see all over the internet. However, when being presented content at this stage initially, most consumers aren’t ready to make that purchase yet. This is why it’s key to lead consumers down the sales funnel before presenting content in this stage. The content that you create at the bottom of the funnel can largely determine whether the consumer decides to pull out their wallet or not. You’ve already educated your potential customer and presented how you can provide a solution. Now is your chance to convert them into a paying customer. The content you create should be both persuasive and highly personalized. For example, you could provide a demo or trial offer to convince consumers that your product is worth purchasing. You also shouldn’t underestimate the power of product reviews and testimonials in this stage.

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