Tapstone Uses RevContent’s Granular and Powerful Advertiser Capabilities to Exceed Revenue Goals By 40%

Tapstone used RevContent’s proprietary technology to exceed their revenue goals and optimize their page widgets. Through granular widget targeting, a powerful user interface, and a customized search strategy, Tapstone passed its revenue goals by 40%.

Tapstone was able to tap into RevContent’s unique granular widget targeting technology. This allowed them to manage thousands of ads under a single touchpoint. They also had the ability to shut off low-performing ads and put more advertising money towards widgets that were performing better. This led to a more efficient allocation of resources with a bigger return on investment. 

Along with granular widget targeting, RevContent’s UI is another major factor that led to explosive revenue for Tapstone. The site’s tools are powerful and intuitive. RevContent allows advertisers to have full control over how their ads appear, where they appear and when they appear. 

Custom search strategy also put more tools in the hands of Tapstone. “Unlike other ad types, when it comes to Search Arbitrage, it makes sense to have a customized launch strategy. One that specifically works to remove any known clawback traffic sources, according to Google standards, and preferred exposure to competitive supply out the gate, allowing them to prioritize budget allocation and scale efforts considerably quicker.”  said Stephanie Reed, Senior Advertising Executive at RevContent.

With all of these different pieces coming together, Tapstone was able to take advantage of the incredible tools afforded to them. With the right system in place, revenue marks such as 40% over the initial goal are very achievable. 

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