Reverse Engineer Facebook’s New Feed Update: 50 Phrases to Avoid

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At RevContent, our team used machine learning technology to create a list that’s actually useful for navigating this change, keeping your organic reach, and avoiding getting bumped down in Facebook’s newsfeed. Check out more details here.

  1. The headline exaggerates the article to create misleading expectations for the reader.
  2. The headline withholds information required to understand what the content of the article is;

Our Machine Learning Examples

  1. “You’ll Never Believe”
  2. “I Was Shocked”
  3. “I Had No Idea!”
  4. “When She Looked Under Her Couch Cushions And Saw THIS…”
  5. “His Reaction is PRICELESS…”
  6. “What Happens to This Man Will Change You”
  7. “After Reading These Facts, You’ll Never [Do This] Again…”
  8. “My Jaw Dropped! OMG!”
  9. “She Lost THAT Much Weight??”
  10. “Camera Pans Up, Camera Pans Down”
  11. “It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!”
  12. “This Reason Will Shock You.”
  13. “You’ll Never Look At This The Same”
  14. “After Coming Home to THIS. Watch the…”
  15. “First, he did…But then he did this…”
  16. “Wait Until You See What He/She Did With It!”
  17. “His Reaction? *Expletive*”
  18. “Never Expected THIS”
  19. “We Didn’t Believe It…”
  20. “Now He’s Telling Us Why”
  21. “When I Heard His/Her Voice? *Expletive*”
  22. “You’ll Never Go In The Water After This”
  23. “Action Taken, Gets *Expletive Response*”
  24. “I Can’t Believe What I Saw. This is UNREAL!”
  25. “This Is The Reason…”
  26. “Whoa! What is that…”
  27. “When She Does This, I’m Speechless.”
  28. “Why? It’s Genius.”
  29. “Eek, What is That? I Have to Know..”
  30. Why She Does This, I Can’t Even Explain”
  31. “My Jaw Dropped to the Floor When I Saw This”
  32. “She Didn’t Know…Shocking!”
  33. “The End Result? Brilliant.”
  34. “Then…OMG.”
  35. “This Makes Me Like Him Even More.”
  36. “What Happened Next Blew My Mind!”
  37. “This Will Make Anyone A Believer…”
  38. “See It For Yourself!”
  39. What This Fish Does to Survive Is Pretty Genius..”
  40. “He Didn’t Expect Something This Terrifying To Happen!”
  41. “People Can’t Stop Talking About…”
  42. “Shock AND Disgust”
  43. “After Seeing This, He Cries…”
  44. “Something Great Happened When…”
  45. “The Most Amazing Reaction of All Time”
  46. “Can You Guess Who This…”
  47.  “When We Saw…We Were NEVER Expecting This!”
  48.  “How Was He NOT Fired?!”
  49.  “They’re Cracking Down, Guess What Happens Next?”
  50.  “This Happened! I Can’t Believe It!”
  51. “You Will Be Shocked By…”
  52. “Odd Trick Will Blow Your Mind”
  53. “You Probably Didn’t Know”


Think we missed some? Add it in the comments below.


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