Revenue Growth Meetings Available for Media Publishers at 2018 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting

Who will survive, thrive, and die in the emerging direct brand economy?

Legacy brands and their suppliers are struggling with growth, while more customized, data-enriched, consumer-centric brands are thriving.

The 2018 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting will uncover marketing, data, and organizational strategies that will help brands, publishers and their partners compete in a world with nimble, tech-focused new market entrants and adapt their businesses to thrive in the 21st Century.

RevContent is proud to be a part of the 2018 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting and currently has a few openings left for media publishers looking to grow revenue and better connect with their audiences on a personal level by using content recommendation.

“We look forward to IAB each year, because it allows us to connect with the top media publishers to hear about the challenges that they face,” said Trey Brenner, vice president of business development. “Our platforms are a key part of the strategy that many of the top publishers are using to diversify their revenue streams while delivering high quality content to their audience.”

For media publishers it is more important than ever to develop strategies that enable them to engage and grow audiences and drive revenue by providing consumers with content that is personalized to their likes and interests.

RevContent is extremely selective in the brands and advertisers that we work with and we outperform our competitors.

Media publishers know that when they choose to work with RevContent, the traffic and revenue that we deliver are quality and offer brand protection for the outlets we work with. This commitment to quality enables our partners to capitalize on better returns than what our competitors can deliver.

To set up a time to discuss solutions, please contact Trey Brenner, vice president of business development at 941-584-0447 or by email at

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