RevContent Video Overlay Launched for Seamless Content Context

revcontent video overlay

As users desire more and more video content, it’s critical to create a native video experience for users and fully embrace video as a technology. The RevContent Technology Team saw a gap on video portrayal on content recommendation widgets and created a completely customizable tool, RevContent Video Overlay, to give users the context of the type of content they are consuming.

For advertisers, video content can be disseminated more clearly, and users know what to expect next. For publishers, it allows for native customization, allowing style buttons to fit seamlessly into the site design. Video overlays will tie the content recommendations into the overall site and brand better.

Chris Maynard, Vice President of Product Engineering at RevContent, said, “With more unique content types being created, they require distinct presentation. We want to bring structure to the content recommendation space, giving readers a better picture of the context behind the content they want to view next.”

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revcontent video overlay


Powering 250 billion content recommendations per month, RevContent is the fastest growing content recommendation network and reaches 97% of US households, according to Quantcast. To learn more about RevContent’s Video Overlay, sign up or visit our website.  

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