RevContent Travels to Affiliate Summit East

affiliate summit east

As thought leaders in the online space, we know innovation and learning is key to pioneering any industry. Sending our top people to educational conferences around the globe is one way we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s next in online marketing. Some of the conversations and information exchanges that occur at these conferences are pivotal in prioritizing roadmaps for innovation in our platform.

August 1-4, RevContent is sending our team out to Affiliate Summit East in New York City. We’re looking to reconnect with clients and bring on lucrative new strategic partnerships. Our top executives will be headed out to learn about new industry technology and network in an unparalleled professional environment. Interested in meeting up with us? Contact your rep or email today to schedule a meeting.

affiliate summit east

Kim Goldberg, Senior Advertising Executive at RevContent, said, “Affiliate Summit has consistently been a positive event for us. We’re looking forward to networking within the industry, meeting up with current clients, and bringing some new, meaningful partnerships into the mix. Most importantly, we are excited to bring back useful information from the event to consistently better ourselves as a company.”

Affiliate Summit East, the premier affiliate marketing conference, has co-founders with an impressive 32 combined years of performance marketing experience. Founded in 2003, Affiliate Summit East now hosts conferences all throughout the year from Las Vegas to Nova Scotia to London.


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