RevContent Signs Exclusive Partnership With Independently-Operated NBA Analysis & NFL Analysis, Offering A Significant Revenue Boost

The new partnership is set to drive revenue for the media company utilizing RevContent’s lightweight technology.

RevContent, a leading content marketing and native advertising platform, has inked an exclusive, strategic partnership with NBA Analysis and NFL Analysis. Both platforms are independently-operated and host a variety of in-depth content, with the sites providing expert analysis on the 30 and 32 teams each league has to offer, respectively. 

As a part of the exclusive partnership, RevContent has integrated seamlessly into the independent sports reporting platforms’ current ad tech stacks to increase overall advertising revenue. During Q1, as most of the advertising industry experiences a CPM slump, NFL Analysis and NBA Analysis continue to see stable, predictable revenue from the integration. Using intelligent algorithms to optimize the exploration and exploitation of creatives, while leveraging shared learning from across the network to model and predict the performance of each advertisement on any particular widget, RevContent utilizes its new and improved algorithm to boost revenue.

 RevContent was able to optimize both websites with quality, high-targeted advertisements geared toward amplifying revenue, engagement, and overall growth. 

Evan Massey, Co-Founder at NFL Analysis/NBA Analysis, said, “RevContent is a valued partner of ours for their significant revenue boost, lightweight technology, and incredible customer service team.”

“We aim to make our integration as simple and frictionless as possible, especially alongside other ad tech vendors,” said Richard Marques, CEO of RevContent. “Our team is honored to be working with both platforms, and we are excited to see the different kinds of comprehensive coverage that each site will deliver in the months to come.”

Both NBA Analysis and NFL Analysis offer insider coverage, broken down by the individual divisions and leagues. Both sites also offer individualized team coverage, awesome for any diehard fan looking for updates and breaking stories about their favorite teams and players. 

You can check out both sites below:

NBA Analysis:

NFL Analysis:

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About RevContent:

RevContent is a leading content marketing and native advertising platform that leverages lightweight, customizable technology to empower the web’s leading publishers and marketers to reach and exceed their revenue, engagement and growth goals. RevContent has been featured on industry-leading publications such as TechCrunch, Forbes, Digiday, and AdExchanger, and RevContent’s CEO is Richard Marques. Learn more at

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