RevContent Expands Access to GenAI Headline Creation Tech, RevGPT.

RevContent is closing out 2023 with a bang! The team announced that its latest AI-powered innovation, RevGPT, is now available to 100% of their advertiser community. 

RevGPT is a generative AI headline creation tool that is revolutionizing the process of creating personalized and engaging ad headlines. After an extensive testing phase with select demand partners, it was proven that RevGPT consistently outperformed user-created alternatives. RevContent was ready to roll this product out to all partners and start saving their teams time, money and energy. With RevGPT, the benefits are clear! 

To explain this further we turn to the experts, Head of RevContent’s Advertising Account Strategy, Andrew Chapman, and Director of Advertising Demand Partnerships, Shaun Hall. 

Q: How was the need for a tool like RevGPT identified? 

A: Andrew – While our advertisers tend to look at their bids as the key to scaling on our platform, often times, improvement in creative performance can be just as vital and doesn’t require higher bids. Many advertisers, when told they should test new creative, often find it can be difficult or time-consuming to focus on their ad content.  By launching this feature, our advertisers can use  their existing content to create several variations of their ad copy and learn what messaging tests best across our platform.

Shaun– Having been in our advertisers shoes previously, I understand the need to have a wide variety of creatives and headlines.  Finding a good image usually doesn’t require a lot of time so most of the headache was having to write dozens of headlines.  RevGPT harnesses the power of generative AI to provide you close to two dozen headlines with a click of a button.  This allows our advertisers to spend more time on optimization tasks or creating new campaigns.  

Q:  How user-friendly is RevGPT? What is the implementation process like?

A: Andrew– RevGPT is simple. From the Content tab of your campaign, all approved content will have a button that reads “Ask RevGPT”.  Clicking this button will produce several headline variations using your original content as a prompt.  Each one you select will create a new version of your content incorporating your original image with the AI-generated headline. This new content will test against your current headlines so you can learn which content resonates best.   

Shaun– We have a variety of advertisers that use our platform.  Some of them are working closely with our account managers and some of them are on the self-serve side of the platform. We designed this to be easy to use and understand for any advertiser on the platform.  We made the button easy to find, and the process even easier.  Once they enter one headline of their own, they will see the “RevGPT” button and a screen will pop up with multiple options for them to choose from.  All they have to do to add that headline into their campaign is simply click on it.  Our advertisers are only two clicks away from having all the engaging headlines they will need.  

Q: What impact has RevGPT had on advertisers’ ROAS?  What key benefits are advertisers citing in their conversations with you?

A: Andrew– In my conversations with advertisers, those who haven’t tried it are intrigued by how easily they can get more creative options into the platform for testing and those who have tried it are thrilled with how one solid piece of content can quickly become 10 to find the one that resonates best with their audience. 

Shaun–  While the feature is still new, having just rolled it out a few weeks ago, the initial data coming in is promising.  It’s being well received and utilized across a large percentage of our active advertisers.  


Interested in learning more? Read the full press release here and check out our RevGPT FAQ page

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