RevContent Partners with Google For Better User Experience on Mobile

Months ago, Google reached out to us concerning Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), its latest and greatest project designed to create a faster and open mobile web. In an effort on Google’s part to support the highest quality advertising solutions, RevContent partnered with Google to continue creating a better experience for users on mobile.

As we’ve talked about before, for every second a webpage doesn’t load, a publisher loses a reader and an “opportunity to earn revenue through advertising or subscriptions.”

Our partnership with Google is part of our mission to create a better user experience, especially on mobile. In our experience, the most brilliant, innovative media companies are those seeing the most engagement and traffic on mobile devices, so it’s critical those pages are optimized for maximum performance. With Google and RevContent, publishers are going to see a drastic improvement on their rich content pages combined with the same unbeatable returns on their content recommendation solution.

As one of the first content recommendation networks to partner with Google, we’re excited for our partners and their users to reap the benefits of a faster and smoother mobile performance.  

Richard Iwanik-Marques, our VP of Marketing, said “The product innovations and value-added offerings Google has consistently given consumers across all web arenas makes them a perfect compliment to RevContent on the partnership side. Creating a seamless, lightning fast user experience on mobile devices is paramount as eyeballs continue to move toward smaller screens, without having to compromise how they consume content. Google AMP is a massive leap in that direction – and with our widgets, publishers can maintain sustainably high revenue streams, while also giving consumers a memorable content discovery experience they will enjoy.”

If you’re on your smartphone (which you probably are), take a look at our first Google AMP page.

Check out the full partnership list here.


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