RevContent Partners with Brax for Automated Campaign Management and Optimization

At RevContent, we understand the impact of automation on your campaign effectiveness. We are excited to announce our partnership with Brax to ease the burden of campaign optimization.

What is Brax?

Performance marketers use Brax to get a better return on ad spend.


Spend less time on campaign management, analysis, and optimization. Use Brax for bulk campaign management, unified reporting, and rule-based goal optimization.


What are the Benefits?


Get Instant Data Insights

  • Widget cost and performance data available across all boosts.
  • Google Analytics data matched at the campaign, ad, widget, and topic/targeting level.
  • Voluum data matched at the campaign, ad, widget, and topic/targeting level.
  • Import revenue & conversions using API or file upload.


Automated Optimization

  • Create 25 headline and image combinations.
  • Duplicate creatives across boosts.
  • Find & block poor performing widgets and targets using CTR, CPA or other performance criteria
  • Adjust target bids up or down across all campaigns using performance criteria.
  • Daypart campaigns on the day of week and time of day.


Bulk Campaign Management

  • Update tracking across all campaign boosts at once.
  • Clone or create new campaign boosts with content (ads) in bulk.
  • Manage whitelists & blacklists in bulk across campaigns.
  • Re-use ads everywhere.


Check out the video below to learn more about how you can manage and optimize your campaigns with Brax.



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