RevContent On AdBlocking, Transparency, and Ad Quality

In front of hundreds of top-level executives from the largest media outlets in the world, RevContent’s Director of Business Development, Trey Brenner, directly spoke the hot-button issues facing the advertising industry: ad blocking, transparency, and ad quality.

Ad Blocking

With the rise of ad blockers, the first question we need to ask is, “Why?” We believe it’s because consumers are being bombarded with ads that completely destroy the user’s experience and get in the way of how they interact with the media and sites they love. Media companies run into conflict because they need to be paid or to monetize the content they produce in order to keep the lights on and continue producing great content.

ad block

We’ve seen in our own user engagement tests that we do right on our campus in Sarasota that people are completely turned off by huge display ads and pop-up ads. It completely tarnishes the brand and hurts the user experience.  This is why native is so powerful of a medium if done right – the goal is to provide a superior user experience, and we believe the better we get as a native industry in doing that, the more users will embrace the technology we are building, leading both media companies and consumers to thrive and share ideas.

We know as an industry we can only get better- that’s why we have made major strides and have proactively developed relationships with the major ad blockers, who have stringent approval processes, to fully protect our media publishers. We’ve been able to help our partners recoup revenue they were previously leaving on the table.

Simply put: This is why we exist.


Transparency is critical to maximizing performance. From our fully self-serve platform to targeting capabilities, our partners have complete control over their brand. With transparent data reporting, our partners can exactly match our dashboard to their Google Analytics. Our publishers have complete transparency and control over their content filters which operate off of image recognition, and we offer our advertising partners transparency of where they are targeting their campaigns.

These transparencies enable advertisers to create custom campaigns within brand guidelines that are tailored to a brand’s audience, which generates higher levels of engagement as well as higher bidding competition.  This lets the publisher realize the true value of their traffic…CEO of Newsweek was quoted as saying, “RevContent tripled the returns we were getting from Taboola.”

We are able to generate these significantly higher returns with the same ad quality and real estate on site.  The user experience is very important for us, and we know it is important for our partners as well.

Ad Quality

In fact, our data suggests that, contrary to my expectations, users engage with and generate comparable RPMs and in some cases, even higher than they generate on their standard units.  We attribute this to serving very brand safe content via un-intrusive widgets.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to performance. We love people that have data and have run other partners, as that is when they see the massive increase in overall performance and revenue… the data does not lie!

Tying everything into performance,  Brenner said, “We have more than tripled returns for the most premium publishers in the space by leveraging their brands and valuable audience transparently in our massive marketplace.”


RevContent will be at Digiday Publishing Summit in Vail, so contact us if you’re interested in learning more about our industry-leading technology and how it delivers unbeatable returns and brand protection.


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