RevContent Launches the First Video Display for Powerful User Experience and Engagement

We are excited to announce the release of our In-Feed Video widget  – a native video display that places video content on premium publisher sites in a seamless way, designed to help publishers build relationships with their audience. In beta tests, partners have seen RPMs of up to $14 and incredibly high engagement.


With innovation as a core value of RevContent, the powerful, light and safe video widget is designed to match the look and feel of premium publisher sites. This will allow our partners to deliver relevant, engaging experiences to the right audience. With other innovations like responsiveness, a full white label option, and 100% branded ad fill, RevContent is the first network to develop this at this scale.


Gabe Douek, Chief Revenue Officer at RevContent, said, “The In-Feed Video widget is an exciting new innovation that will provide our partners the ability to build deeper connections with their audience. We have always been proactive in putting our users first, and we look forward to continuing to provide our partners with new, innovative technology that drives a powerful user experience.”


RevContent’s consistent innovation is evident with partnerships such as Forbes, Reuters, Newsweek and more. With a focus on the best possible user experience, new technology is invented and released every two weeks by our Innovation team.


Chris Maynard, Chief Product Officer at RevContent, said, “The new video display feature fits naturally into the form and function of our publisher sites without disrupting the user experience. For the launch, our partners can expect a significant increase in RPMs and engagement.”

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