RevContent Increases Revenue for Barstool Sports

Publishers are being faced with one of the toughest years in history. With privacy policies becoming more strict and cookies biting the dust, increasing revenue in such a volatile market can be a huge task. 

But, Barstool Sports is ready to tackle the task. 

By partnering with RevContent, Barstool has positioned itself to navigate the native advertising space for years to come. Penning an exclusive deal with RevContent comes with increased publisher control over recommended content, increased revenue, and faster loading times for web pages. 

RevContent provides Barstool with precise control over the native content that appears on their sites. From blocking certain keywords to customizing widgets down to their font and size, publisher control with RevContent enables a full range of possibilities. By utilizing RevContent’s proprietary technology, Barstool ensures users are experiencing brand-safe content across all Barstool media properties, creating a consistent user experience and building on brand equity.

Additionally, a partnership with RevContent means higher advertising returns for Barstool overall, giving the team more capital to bolster growing the Barstool brand globally

RevContent widgets load 68% faster than competitors, driving exponential lift in overall page load speed, according to Google Page Speed Insights. This efficiency gain for Barstool provides more opportunities to generate revenue and engagement from existing ad stacks and vendor partnerships.

Barstool and RevContent are choosing to reimagine native advertising; with the right tools in hand, the future looks bright. 

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