RevContent + Flipp:
Discovering Weekly Specials from Local Grocers Just Got Easier

The digitizing trend continues in the retail world as hard copy flyers become increasingly rare and shoppers turn to the web to uncover local deals and discounts.

Popular national supermarket chain, Kroger, recently announced that they will halt the production of their print weekly circular and rely on digital advertising via cutting-edge platforms such as Flipp.

Who is Flipp, and how are they partnering with RevContent?

Flipp is a technology company transforming the way that grocers, brands and retailers get their weekly specials in front of local customers. They connect tens of millions of shoppers to retailers every single week. It is the online hub for browsing the best savings near you.

Flipp has direct relationships with the largest grocery and retail chains in North America including Walmart, Meijer and more.

RevContent and Flipp have joined forces to connect inventories and bring Flipp’s highly curated, geo-targeted savings content to RevContent’s local news publisher partner sites. This custom integration safely and effectively utilizes RevContent’s data graph to display only the most personalized and relevant deals for each individual reader.

Publishers leveraging this partnership are seeing up to 25% increases in yield when the Flipp demand is activated within the RevContent placement, adding incremental revenue growth for Publishers.

Hear what Logan Salsberg, Head of New Business & Partnerships at Flipp had to say about the integration:
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