RevContent Expands to Brazil, Offering Competitive Revenue to Publishers and Premium Inventory Offerings to Advertisers

RevContent, a leading content marketing and native advertising platform, has announced its expansion into Brazil as the company expands globally in 2021. With dedicated, in-market Brazilian representatives, the move will allow advertisers to target RevContent’s exclusive, Brazilian publishers and receive dedicated, in-market support specific to the region.

“With our completely dedicated Brazil team, our clients can expect real-time, geographically & culturally relevant strategic insight from their dedicated reps and account managers. There has never been a more robust opportunity to both enter and scale in the BR geo with RevContent, and we are thrilled to offer our publishers and advertisers the same high quality and customized service we currently provide to our US client base. With this customized and dedicated approach, we expect to see advertisers and publishers generate growth and performance in a market that so clearly represents opportunity,” said Jon Mitchell, Director of Sales at RevContent.

As the RevContent presence has already offered a significant impact to the region, Brazilian advertisers are generating upwards of 1,000 qualified clicks per day with robust, real-time reporting tools for data analysis to optimize strategic campaigns built to produce high conversion rates. Additionally, RevContent’s proprietary widget technology is ~68% lighter than competitors, giving publishers the ability to maintain a fast-loading page speed without compromising on user experience or revenue.

To launch a campaign with RevContent or sign up as a publisher, visit

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