RevContent Employee Spotlight: Trey Brenner, VP of Business Development

Welcome back to RevContent’s Employee Spotlight Series! Today, we’re talking to Trey Brenner, our VP of Business Development.



1.) What does a typical day look like for a VP of Business Development?

Being in the digital world things move at breakneck speed, so no day is exactly the same as the day before.  New challenges are presented on a daily basis that must be overcome, which makes this space that much more fun to be a part of.  My role is all about communication. Everyday I am discussing exciting new partnerships that are in the works with my team, coordinating market attacks, communicating with our publishing partners, and relaying information to our tech/development team to offer insights on the market today (what’s hot and what’s not) and also ensuring the publishing side of our business is clearly communicating with the advertising side so we can move as one unit!


2.) How does your job benefit your target audience?

My job benefits our target audience by connecting the largest brands and sources of premium traffic with high quality pieces of sponsored content that are targeted on a user level, ultimately driving a better experience for the publisher (and more revenue), the advertiser (targeted quality user), and the user (personalized recommendation), resulting in a trident of satisfaction!

3.) Are there any major projects or events that you are looking forward to in the upcoming months?

There is always something new and exciting coming down the pipeline when it comes to projects and our technology, which is just a part of being in the digital world.  Move fast or die basically is the motto in our industry, where we are focused not only what the current trends are but pioneering what is coming next!


As far as events go, there are so many great industry events that we regularly attend as well as more exclusive events that we host with a select few, executive level, industry movers and shakers, which I always enjoy!


4.) What is the most rewarding or challenging aspect of your role?

One of the most challenging things is the speed at which things change.  It is always a challenge but at the same time, I find that constantly learning and attacking these new challenges is very rewarding.  The most rewarding thing for me though is helping to shape the future leaders of our company through personal development. Seeing the people I work closely with and care deeply about get out of their comfort zone and grow to be able to achieve things they may not have thought was possible is by far the most rewarding aspect of my position.


5.) What is one thing publishers may not know about RevContent?

One thing publishers may not know about RevContent is that we are a completely bootstrapped company that has been able to grow to the scale we are currently at by simply putting our publishing partners first and helping them to grow, not only by delivering the highest revenues in the industry but also by helping the publishers to build a better user experience and deeper relationship with their individual audience members. There is a reason why we are the only content recommendation company in the world that is on the board for the Coalition for Better Ads and endorsed by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation… it’s because we care!


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