Event Wrap Up: RevContent Continues Push of Data Integrity at Digiday Publishing Summit

digiday miami john lemp

Last week, our team spent 3 days in sunny Miami at Digiday Publishing Summit, contributing to the conversation of up-and-coming approaches to monetizing content across platforms and diving deeper into mobile and video.

Our CEO and Founder, John Lemp, presented a keynote speech on the first day of the conference, continuing his theme of data integrity from Digital Media Strategies in New York last week. At the kick-off town hall meeting, many publishers shared their frustrations and challenges of data reporting, so Lemp’s speech was addressing a much-needed area.

A main focus of the speech centered around the importance of publishers being able to track where every single one of their numbers come from. When partnering with a content recommendation company, it’s critical for numbers to line up accurately.

Lemp said, “Our competition doesn’t want you to check your Google Analytics. Because it’s not going to match up.”

Walter Dublin, Director of Publisher Development at RevContent, said, “Some of our partners have seen discrepancies in their tracking as high as 40% with other content recommendation providers, which severely cuts into revenue, performance, and growth. The fact that our widget impressions track in line with our partners at Google Analytics makes us an anomaly in the content recommendation space.”

It’s obvious that publishers and brands across the board are struggling with accurate data reporting. Integrity of data and tracking across all widgets and devices is paramount in growing a digital business. Trey Brenner, Director of Business Development, said, “It is shocking to see such large discrepancies these other providers generate, which significantly lowers the actual guarantee/revenue a publisher is receiving.  At RevContent, integrity is very important to us, especially when it comes to our publishing partners numbers.”

We’re expecting to see this topic expand as more and more publishers demand accurate data.

digiday miami john lemp
CEO John Lemp of RevContent Talks Data Integrity

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