Chooses RevContent as Exclusive Content Recommendation Partner for Superior Ad Quality and User Experience

Today, we’re excited to welcome, a top 100 Alexa site, into the RevContent family!

Being involved in our own local community in Sarasota makes us big fans of hyperlocal news, which is the ultimate goal behind is built on creating customized “patches” of local news to 20 million monthly unique visitors with over 59 million monthly page views, and RevContent will help deepen the relationship between and its users, building an emotional connection to content and the brand.revcontent fast company inc partnership

Charles Hale, CEO, said, “Patch has worked with multiple players in the content recommendation space, and after extensive evaluations, Patch concluded that RevContent was able to deliver the best combination of content control and monetization. Patch values RevContent as a partner.”

John Lemp, CEO and Founder of RevContent, said, “Charles is a transformative genius – his passion from the very beginning has been about the user and how he can create a better user experience in everything he is building. I have so rarely come across a person that simply ‘gets it,’ and it’s refreshing to see someone so passionate about his users and using the information our systems provide to better connect with them.

Read the official press release on Bloomberg.


Powering 250 billion content recommendations per month, RevContent is the fastest growing content recommendation network and reaches 97% of US households, according to Quantcast. To learn more about RevContent’s superior ad quality and user experience, sign up or visit our website.  

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