Nexstar Digital Expands Partnership with RevContent

Nexstar and RevContent have been working together for quite some time. The partnership started with Nexstar’s legacy sites and applications and now will be scaling to a larger portion of Nexstar’s business. 

Nexstar decided to scale with RevContent due to less page real estate, first-party demand, and stronger monetization. 

Through RevContent’s unique widget options, Nexstar can control the amount of page real estate advertisements take up. This, along with faster widget loading, leads to an overall better performance and user experience on the site. 

First-party demand is also another reason Nexstar chose to expand. First-party demand removes the seasonal volatility publishers have to deal with in the programmatic buying process.

With a combination of better user experience, first-party demand, and publisher controls, RevContent has made it easier for Nexstar to capitalize on its content recommendation revenue. 

Lori Tavoularis, SVP at Nexstar says “As Nexstar Digital continuously works toward a cleaner supply path for programmatic buying partners, This first-party demand coming through content recommendation is a far easier conversation to have with programmatic ad partners.”

RevContent and Nexstar are taking things to the next level, the future’s looking bright.

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