Native and Programmatic Advertising: The Perfect Combination

The native programmatic space is growing rapidly as more advertisers are shifting their budgets to this method. But what is prompting this shift from display to native? According to eMarketer, growth in native programmatic is driven by “publishers’ pursuit of higher-value and more mobile-friendly inventory, as well as by advertisers’ demands for more engaging, less intrusive ads.” According to eMarketer, native advertising will comprise nearly 60% of display spending this year in the US.


Especially on mobile, programmatic native has become one of the most scalable ways to convert and retain high-quality users. By combining programmatic buying with native placements, our partners have access to the most unprecedented tools available in digital advertising, including our exclusive inventory on sites like Newsweek, The Atlantic and Forbes.


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We are committed to finding new opportunities to expand our partners’ audiences. Over the past year, we’ve rolled out access to RevContent inventory through programmatic platforms including AppNexus and Bidswitch. Within this short time, we’ve witnessed the rapid growth of brands diversifying their budgets through DSP partners. Buying native inventory programmatically has allowed these advertisers to target valuable audiences with scale and cost efficiency.


We’ve also rolled out access to Engage.IM, our proprietary publisher-hosted social platform that allows micro-communities to grow and communicate directly on site. The feed is in the form of an infinite-scroll, allowing advertisers to interact with users within a social environment. The result is higher engagement and a 500% increase of time on site. See it live on or read more about the features on Forbes and Fast Company.


What’s even better?


DSP partners will have access to RevContent’s exclusive publisher partnerships. This inventory is only available through the RevContent platform on premium sites like and The scale and efficiency that is available to agencies and brands through the RevContent platform translates into a greater opportunity for those brands to engage with consumers at every important moment during the customer journey.


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