Native Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

You Haven’t Narrowed Down Your Audience

Those that have a thorough understanding of their specific audience are most likely to achieve great results with native content.  If you aren’t sure where to start, creating audience personas can help guide your content creation strategy. When it comes to native advertising, personas can help you determine the type of content your audience will most likely engage with while eliminating a lot of the guesswork.

For instance, you can figure out what types of online publications your personas read the most and what topics they are drawn to. Do they prefer a short blog post or would they rather watch a video? Is your audience local or worldwide? Personas can help you determine these factors. Native advertising is all about reaching your ideal audience. Personas can help you pave the way for content ideas that would otherwise be difficult to pinpoint.

Your Content Doesn’t Add Value to your Readers

The success of native advertising campaigns is largely determined by the quality of your content. Instead of aimlessly churning out content in hopes that resonates with your audience, think about how you can address their interests or needs. Whether you are offering expert advice or teaching your audience something new, the quality of your content is key. Rather than immediately pitching your product in your native content, think about how you can educate, inspire and entertain your audience. Are they already aware of your brand or product? Do their specific needs or interests match what you’re offering? How can you teach your audience something new?

Instead of writing your native content as a sales pitch, focus on creating content that can add real value. 

You Aren’t Split-Testing Your Native Ads

Split testing your campaigns is essential to optimizing your native ads to reach their fullest potential. Your split tests should involve various factors such as your headline, images, copy, landing page, or your audience. Without testing different techniques, you won’t know which strategy is the most effective. With RevContent, users have the ability to split test their campaigns in order to achieve the best results.

Your CTA Isn’t Specific

Whether it’s getting users to subscribe to your blog, subscribe to your newsletter or purchase your products or services, it’s essential to have a specific goal in mind. While it’s great to provide users with valuable content, it’s also important to create a specific CTA that is in line with your native ad. According to Hubspot, targeted calls-to-action perform 202% better than generic CTAs. For example, a first-time website visitor might need to learn more about your product or services before they are ready to sign up. On the other hand, another site visitor may be a qualified lead that’s ready to take action.

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