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RevContent’s Innovative Team developed industry-first Internal Content Tools, including unique algorithms that report different ways to optimize and develop content. These tools were built to not only give publishers complete control but also give them never before seen insights to their internal content.

Internal Performance

For the launch today, publishers have the unique ability to quickly analyze the health of their site. Handing publishers these tools to engage with their audience even more, allowing them to power their content and editorial strategy with intelligent data.

Publishers can now choose a particular algorithm to determine what pieces of internal content are displayed within their widgets. This applies to both content added by “Auto Discovery” as well as manually.

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Publishers can pick one of the following algorithms for their internal content:

Revenue : Display the internal content that has generated the most revenue in the last 7 days. Revenue is calculated via clicks on RevContent ad units that are shown on the particular page.

eCPM : Display content generating the most CPM for last 7 days. The eCPM is calculated by impressions on RevContent ad units shown on the particular page.

Active :  Most visited in last 24 hours.

Trending: Display content with the highest momentum in the last 2 days.

Newest Content: Display your most recent content.

Most Shared Content: Display Content shared the most on social media.

Manual: Manually add the content you want to display on your RevContent ad units.


Tips and Tricks

Revenue and CPM algorithms – great for content marketers to get a quick and programmatic understanding of which of their content drives the most performance. With that knowledge, you can make smart traffic buying decisions to those specific articles.

Trending algorithm – reward content that is climbing in popularity the fastest in a specific time window. Take advantage of that virality.

Audience Insights

RevContent Audience Insights is another patent-pending, industry-first tool offered to RevContent Publishers. The dashboard is sleek and intuitive, and again, allows partners to make intelligent decisions to guide their content strategy in real time.

revcontent audience insights


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