HT Media and RevContent Team Up in Partnership Based on Industry-Leading Technology and Aligned Company Values

HT Media, the second largest Indian publisher, and RevContent, the world’s fastest growing content recommendation network with 200 billion content recommendations a month, teamed up in an exclusive partnership to drive greater returns for HT Media’s media properties. With RevContent’s industry-leading technology, aligned company outlooks, and unparalleled performance, HT Media chose to enter a strategic, long-term partnership.

With industry-leading, powerful technology built to drive higher returns for publishers, HT Media will engage RevContent’s Brand Protection tools, including full control over content restrictions, internal content recirculation, and the new intuitive RevContent Performance Dashboard. RevContent’s patent-pending, proprietary technology brings exponentially more revenue while putting brand protection on autopilot.

John Lemp, CEO and Founder of RevContent, said, “We have the utmost respect for HT Media and the brands they’ve built in India, while operating with the highest values and morals. RevContent is proud to partner with their influential voice to continue growing their brand.”


Powering 250 billion content recommendations per month, RevContent is the fastest growing content recommendation network and reaches 97% of US households, according to Quantcast. To learn more about RevContent’s Partnerships, sign up or visit our website.  

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