How Travel Brands Can Use Native Advertising This Summer

Now that the summer season is here, it’s the perfect time to curate and plan your travel-related content and campaigns.

According to data from Think With Google, consumers have become research-obsessed. Travelers are increasingly researching information such as where to eat, the best excursions or the best travel deals well in advance. For example, some people might insist on checking out the menu of a new restaurant before they arrive. Others might check for photos of hotel amenities and rooms before they decide to book their reservations. Whether people are researching excursions weeks in advance or looking up the best flight deals – consumers have become obsessed with researching and curating experiences before they take place.


For travel brands, this provides huge opportunities:


Travel brands can win big with native video. It has become a fundamental way that people consume content online and has allowed brands and creators to build deeper relationships with their audience. Engaging video content has the potential to maximize user engagement, boost conversion rates and communicate your brand’s message in an engaging format.

Research shows that people are increasingly searching for travel destinations on YouTube – with 100 million unique visits from travel seekers every month. Travel brands have the opportunity to meet people at each stage of their consumer journey through video. For example, hotel brands could use video to showcase their properties and amenities. Expedia does a great job of showcasing different destinations to visit by creating video travel guides and thorough descriptions to help guide travelers to the perfect destination.


Make it Mobile Friendly

Mobile is perfect for engaging consumers that are on-the-go this summer. Travelers are growing more comfortable with planning, searching, and booking their travel plans over mobile devices. It is key to make sure your site navigation is seamless so users can easily find the most useful info. Will readers need to find a map to find you? Make sure it is clear and easy to find. Do you want them to review your business when they leave? Make sure the buttons are large and the CTA is clear.


Over 90% of travelers using mobile devices will switch to another site or app if their needs aren’t immediately met, so simplifying your mobile site for easy navigation is essential.


Personalize the Experience

According to a recent study conducted by Think With Google and Phocuswright, nearly six in 10 (57%) U.S. travelers feel that brands should tailor their information based on personal preferences or past behaviors. The study also reveals that when travel brands tailor its information and overall trip experience based on the traveler’s personal preferences or past behavior, 76% of U.S. travelers would be likely or extremely likely to sign up for the brand’s loyalty program.

Most travel advertisers have great content that can help consumers with their travel-related research. Topics including tips for travelers, best vacation destinations for families, or great travel deals all make for great native ads. With RevContent, we can help travel advertisers reach their audience and increase awareness on premium publisher sites. Click here to get started.



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