How to Deliver Even More Value with Your Native Advertising Content

More and more, we are seeing businesses engaging in content marketing as part of their overall inbound marketing strategy. By delivering useful content to the right audiences, you can build brand recognition, improve your SEO, and increase conversions. Incorporate these tips into your inbound marketing strategy for native advertising success.

Identify Key Demographics:

It doesn’t really matter if you’re targeting families going on vacation or millennials buying a house for the first time, it’s crucial to understand your audience and what resonates with them. Start by creating buyer personas for your audience and then identify the pain points they experience when shopping for your product or service. This data will drive your content marketing campaigns.

Use a Content Discovery Platform to Deliver Your Content to the Right Audience

As you identify your audience, you’ll also find out where they hang out online. Sure, families planning a trip may visit travel websites, but they are also likely to read top parenting blogs. Millennials looking to buy a home might visit personal finance or budgeting websites.

Content discovery platforms place your native advertising in prominent spots on top websites where it can naturally blend into the editorial content on the page.

Follow Content Marketing Best Practices

The same elements that appeal to website visitors also deliver value in native advertising; this includes reading content marketing articles and other assets as part of your strategic inbound marketing campaign. To ensure best practices, your content marketing strategy should include:

  • Listicles
  • Short, service-oriented pieces
  • Catchy headlines that promise to solve a problem
  • Engaging stories about people with similar wants, needs, and challenges as your target demographic

Native advertising like content recommendations should blend into the content marketing landscape; in other words, content that looks similar to the consumers’ favorite blogs will build trust for your brand and increase engagement.

Remember, content marketing shouldn’t always take a hard sales approach; instead, inform readers about ways to overcome the challenges they face with anecdotes, digestible tips, and actionable insights.

Let Your Ad Network Move Readers Down the Sales Funnel

Ad networks like RevContent excel in pinpointing your target audience due to their renowned content discovery platform. This platform delivers outstanding native advertising that will inform, entertain and, ultimately sell.

Through retargeting techniques and our wide variety of publisher partners, our native advertising campaigns reach the right audiences to yield a better click-through rate and higher ROI.

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