How Publishers are Monetizing their Site While Engaging their Audiences

You’ve seen those “around the web” ads that populate the sidebars and bottom feeds of big news sites. Though you may glance over the importance and prevalence of these ads from time to time, they are growing in number. Publishers are not only looking into the immeasurable marketing value of these ads, they are also running multiple recommendation engines at the same time. According to a tech-tracking site, SimilarTech, 3,715 of the 100,000 biggest sites are using two content recommendation networks at this time – a 64% increase compared to this same time one year ago.

Known as native advertising today, content recommendation networks are a great way for publishers to monetize sites and reach large audiences in a short timeframe.

Why use a content recommendation network?

  1. Exposure

The purpose of any kind of marketing is visibility with customers. The more people who are able to read about your product or service, the more people will become aware of your brand availability. Content recommendation networks provide Internet-wide exposure, presenting your brand to the billions of people using the web every single day.

  1. Optimized Performance

Unlike display advertisements, where you had to wait a month before you could remove the ads that weren’t performing, content recommendation networks monitor success as it happens. The native advertising that’s not delivering prospects promised will be terminated immediately – you don’t have to make the call.

  1. Reputation

In order to build your brand reputation, you need a recommendation network that will monitor the reputation while helping you build it out in a positive and productive light.

Quite simply, the economics behind these networks have become too big for publishers to ignore today. Host publishers are paid every time a reader views or clicks one of the links in the box, providing them with control over the quality dials of widgets. The more people that click, the more money they make. Plus, with mobile marketing competition increasing by month right now, through content recommendation networks, like RevContent, it’s possible to monetize minutes without doing anything at all.

Network Exposure

Compatible with companies of any industry, including all sizes and subject matters, content recommendation networks ensure the placement of advertisements and content links on a popularly visited web page, like InTouch Weekly or Newsweek. A report from September, found that 41 of the top 50 news sites today have a content recommendation network embedded. That kind of exposure is near impossible through organic advertising today, simply because the competition is so extensive. Relying on Facebook advertising only works for those who are really able to think outside of the box, not to mention video advertising capabilities on Snapchat or Instagram are only available to brands with a means for capturing high-quality video content.

The likes of RevContent has a dominating hold on the industry, placing these native advertisements on the top news sites across the Internet right now. It’s an excellent and effortless way to grow your network and monetize your site in 2018.

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