How Native Advertisers Can Attract Millennials

Millennials make up about 83.1 million people in the U.S. according to the U.S. Census Bureau. They are now the largest demographic in the U.S. — a population which can’t be ignored by advertisers. The thing with this generation is they refuse to be sold to. On the other hand, if you earn their trust, they could be loyal to your brand for years to come.

Millennials have come to expect relevant, personalized experiences. For instance, they don’t want their online experience to be disrupted with pop-up ads, which is why native advertising is the answer to reaching this generation. Here are some key tips that can help native advertisers attract millennials:

Millennials Prefer Authentic Experiences  

When it comes to millennials, providing a positive user-experience is essential. According to Hubspot, 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional forms of advertising. Spammy pop-up and banner ads are no longer cutting it with this generation. They prefer content that brings value rather than being bombarded with sales pitches.

However, studies show that just because your content is labeled as sponsored doesn’t mean that millennials will ignore it. In fact, they prefer this form of advertising. According to IAB, 80% of millennials agree that in-feed native ads offer a positive user experience. This provides a huge opportunity for native advertisers.

They Don’t Want to Be Misled

A great part of native advertising is that it provides an extension of the content that users are already engaging with. In order to attract millennials, it is key for your ad to appear relevant and trustworthy. This can start with your native ad headline and image combination. Ensure that your headlines and images are clear and representative of the content on your page once the user clicks on the ad. One of the fastest ways to drive millennials away is by misleading them.

Your Native Ads Must Provide Value

Millennials are known as the research-obsessed generation. They are constantly learning and searching for ways to improve their lives. How can native advertisers cater to these preferences? By creating useful and authentic experiences.

According to Sharethrough, 83% of Millennials read online content to help them make purchase decisions. Another study shows that 40% refer to online reviews and testimonials before purchasing a product. Whether you are teaching your audience something new, offering expert advice or sharing the experiences of others, creating high-quality and useful content that speaks to their wants and needs is crucial. In other words, authenticity is key to earning the trust of millennial audiences.

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