How Elite Customer Service Can Change Your Business and Your Brand

It’s no secret that excellent customer service can make or break a business partnership. When done correctly, communication within business can be smooth, friendly, and frictionless. Companies going the extra mile in this sector stand out to their clients in a major way. They form a human connection that can lead to a bushel of benefits. 

Have you ever had an excellent customer service experience? Have you had a bad one? Surely that experience shaped the way you currently perceive the brand. This phenomenon stretches across all business industries. We here at RevContent recognized this early on and it’s why we put our customer service and account management at the forefront of what we do. 

At RevContent, no publisher/advertiser is just a number. When we partner with anyone, we take the relationship sincerely. We do everything within our power to give our clients the best experience with a content recommendation platform they’ve ever had. 

It all starts with the product. 

“We had a conservative approach to monetization at first,” says Lori Tavoularis, Senior Vice President at Nexstar,  “But, we gained confidence very quickly, with the product, team and customer service at RevContent.”

It starts with the tools and abilities you can give to your client. This is crucial for laying the groundwork for any great business relationship. Nexstar is just one example of how our product, mixed with our excellent service and premier account management, helped impact a business in more ways than one. 

Unlike other competitors in our industry, we have a designated account manager ready to handle major publishers or advertisers that come on board. Instead of waiting days or even weeks without a response, our team is in place to support within a few hours. We work hand in hand to give clients insightful analytics on advertising campaigns, widget performance, and anything else they require. 

“RevContent consistently exceeds its guarantee floor, driving powerful performance for Minute Media properties. We found the team highly responsive and dedicated to agility, flexibility, and care with helping us optimize for the best user experience.” – Tom Webster, Global VP of Demand & Business Development at Minute Media.

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Caring about your client first is one of the best things your organization can do. Going that extra mile can make the difference between a 15-year partnership, or one that ends in a couple of months. 

And sure, It can be harder to do this as your company grows, but if you make excellent customer service part of your organization’s fabric, it won’t ever fall to the wayside.

Kaylee Hart, Director of Account Management, at RevContent says, “Our focus on premium service, coupled with an accessible, robust, and data-centric toolset leaves us well poised to adapt client solutions and strategies quickly in the face of unforeseen industry trends.” 

Being customer-centric helps with all aspects of the business and brand. Try putting it at the heart of what you do. Pretty soon, you’ll notice the difference.

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