Case Study: How Babbel Leverages RevContent to Drive Over 50% of Their Content Marketing Revenue

Millions of people in the US cite “learning a new language” as one of their bucket list items or goals for the new year. Babbel is one of the most popular and easiest ways to learn popular languages online. With valuable and practical tools to have everyday conversations in whatever language you’re interested in, Babbel has over 1M subscribers and has been named “the most innovative company in education.”


With an innovative content strategy, Babbel is a perfect example of smartly executing a lead generation funnel. Founded on a love of learning new languages, Babbel founders saw a need for simple, online platforms that travel with on the go users – from desktop at work, to mobile while shopping at the grocery store, to tablet on a plane.

“Within 3 months of working with RevContent, they were driving over half our revenue from content marketing, bringing in more sales than the other platforms combined.” – SVP of Marketing at Babbel


Smart Strategies: The Power of RevContent Brand Targeting

Babbel tapped into the power of RevContent Brand Targeting, a simple and intuitive way to access the most premium brands in the RevContent network. By exclusively targeting brands like The Atlantic, Forbes, MacWorld, and Reuters, they were able to immediately reach the kinds of users who were interested in expanding their knowledge, maybe traveled a lot, and wanted to learn about different cultures.

revcontent brand targeting

Creative A/B Testing

 Babbel knew that the more combinations of creatives/headlines, the more data they could take to optimize.

Babbel used RevContent’s automated split testing to hone into what copy connected with their audience. This split testing makes it easy to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Quickly, Babbel saw their users were most engaged with creatives that had a combination of people and the country language they were promoting.

Bid Techniques

With any new campaign or ad, a higher bid forces initial volume. Brands like Babbel can then use that data accordingly to develop their actual CTR.To increase that volume – bid higher on certain channels. With any creative/headline update, bump your bid up 1 to 2 cents to ensure healthy uptick in traffic with test CTR.

 “We quickly saw results from RevContent. Within 3 months of working with them, they were driving over half our revenue from content marketing, bringing in more sales than the other platforms combined. This year, RevContent continues to be a vital part of our content-focused strategy in the U.S.” -Deepa Miglani, Senior Vice President of Marketing, U.S.


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