Event Wrap Up: Lead Test Automation Engineer Presents on Selenium

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Hot off the hiring of two advertising technology industry pioneers, our technology team is rapidly making a name for themselves in their niche. Last week, our Lead Test Automation Engineer, Andrew Krug, was asked to present at STARWEST conference, a gathering focused exclusively on software testing and quality improvements.

Krug presented on Selenium, the fastest growing test automation tool with over 25 million downloads this year across all language bindings. Selenium is an open-source project designed to mimic human interaction with the Internet. Like many technology tools that grow faster than people can keep up, there is gap between beginning with Selenium topics and the advanced use cases with Selenium.

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A well-respected test automation engineer , Krug presented tips and tricks for working with Selenium, including load testing, remote notifications, visual testing and even making robots play the piano – all with Selenium. His purpose was to share how to use Selenium can do so much more than just plain web testing and can support a large variety of use cases.

Krug said, “After being an attendee at STAREAST this year, I was inspired to share my knowledge of Selenium and was surprised a few months later when I was asked to present at STARWEST. I was excited to share most of the tips and tricks that I knew to a large, eager to learn audience. I am looking forward to the next time that I can share my knowledge to such an eager audience.”

RicRevContent_BlogCover_Rick_v1k Landsman, RevContent Chief Technology Officer, said, “I am fortunate to be in the enviable position of being part of an elite, highly skilled and experienced team, capable of leveraging cutting-edge technologies in advanced ways. For continuous development at the pace and scale we practice, we are pushing production software almost every day, and the only way you can accomplish that is by leveraging advanced modes of test automation. Andrew is is a recognized, highly-sought expert in this field, and his and his team’s capabilities allow us to release software in ways others can not, giving us distinct advantage among native ad networks.”

Check out Andrew Krug’s presentation here.

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