How to Maintain Profitable, Scaled Campaigns During COVID-19

How to Maintain Profitable, Scaled Campaigns During COVID-19 

In this crazy and unsettling time of city shut downs, major work from home initiatives, and social distancing, we wanted to provide some assurance and tips for navigating online advertising. 

Although there are many discussions happening related to how COVID-19 may or may not affect advertising budgets, RevContent’s marketplace has continued to thrive. As people have been forced to spend more time in front of screens at home, we’ve seen an increase in traffic from partners in many different verticals, most specifically from our national and local news partners.

Buying on RevContent has remained stable.

We realize there are major concerns and valid issues being discussed at this time, so we’re not trying to trivialize things by focusing on RevContent campaigns and budgets, but we do want to give you some information so you can feel a little bit more secure.

Today, we’re going to discuss maintaining profitable, scaled campaigns on RevContent. 

Your Campaigns on RevContent: Publisher RPMs are Increasing

For RevContent publishers, RPMs are currently increasing – a great sign during an otherwise challenging time where uncertainty runs abound. As a performance based business, we will continue to maintain 100% fill rates and provide options for publishers seeing CPM attrition in their existing display stacks. As always, our dedication to flexible, no long-term commitment agreements remains. 

Your Campaigns on RevContent: Maintaining Profitable Campaigns

No matter the reason CPA seems to be rising on social media, perhaps due to consumers not spending money and stocking up cash piles, it’s normal to want to maintain profitable campaigns. Also, some might be wondering, “Is it possible to not only maintain but scale during this time?”

Jon Mitchell, our Manager of Sales and Brand Solutions said,

“Some advertisers are scaling during this time as they follow continual best practices for building, launching and optimizing their campaigns and overall strategy.”

For example, finance advertisers are tapping into stock market conversation and offering up advice to stay stable and to monitor progress carefully such as checking credit score, managing risk.

Others are providing content that stems from medical advice on the news. social distancing, etc. Leverage best practices and advice coming from experts, and use it in copy. How can the product or service make life easier for customers? What effective advice can be offered? How can they be more prepared?

Impressions and clicks are up due to increased news consumption and time spent on line –  tapping into that is crucial for scaling.”

Our friends at Joinative chimed into the conversation as well. Jonas Olausson, founder, said scaling campaigns during this time is still very possible when you take into account increased engagement online. 

“As the consumption behavior of people changed drastically, advertisers need to adapt. Unfortunately, the immediate reaction seems to be that many companies are moving budgets away from marketing. At the same time, there are more impressions available, people are spending more time browsing online. 

This presents an opportunity, as overnight advertisers have more and cheaper traffic available to them. 

Are you in an industry where the conversion rates and distribution channels are not negatively affected? Like care/health, insurance, and online subscription services (education, home training videos, etc.). Then now is your chance to scale your customer acquisition very cost effectively. 

If your business is negatively affected but still financially able to allocate budgets to marketing, think long term. Customers will need your products and services later when things settle down, but at the moment they want to consume content and educate themselves. Invest in building relationships and meaningful interactions with them. The current traffic availability and higher willingness to interact with content offer an unprecedented chance to run these kinds of campaigns.”

The Key to Maintaining Profitable Campaigns?

Overall, the key to maintaining profitable campaigns relies on closely monitoring all metrics. Watching your CPA while increasing volume is the simplest way to make sure your campaigns back out. If all looks well, grab the extra impressions.

We hope you’re staying safe and well during this time – reach out to your RevContent rep or our general support email for assistance on scaling campaigns.

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