Black Friday Marketing Tips from RevContent

Cyber Monday and Black Friday Marketing Tips from RevContent

The days of waking up at 3 AM to stand in an hours-long line in the freezing cold are (maybe, sort of) over. For Black Friday, who wants to wake up early when you can just shop online?

Well, your customers are thinking the same thing, which is why getting your RevContent campaigns up and running ASAP is critical. 

Black Friday started as the day after Thanksgiving and quickly grew to overtake the entire weekend. Cyber Monday was first coined in 2005 and dedicated solely to e-commerce. Over the years, the two holidays have merged into a ginormous weekend of spending and sales.

We’re going to break down Cyber Monday and Black Friday marketing tips in this post. With consumer spending expected to hit $1.035 trillion dollars this year, it’s critical to consume Cyber Monday and Black Friday marketing tips to get your campaigns prepared.

Black Friday Marketing Tips

black friday marketing tips

1. Plan and Budget Ahead For Black Friday and Cyber Monday on RevContent

As the largest sales and lead-generating quarter of the year, accounting for 81% of the year’s digital commerce growth, it is critical to be ahead of the curve. Even 74% of retailers attribute at least 20% of their yearly revenue to the holiday shopping season.

Tech, gadgets, home, and travel are among the most trending categories during this weekend, so even incorporating that style of imagery could help catch your customer’s eye. 

Get your RevContent campaigns loaded with content early to ensure you get approved and scaling by next week. 

2. Analyze Your Past Top Performers

People start shopping early, with 26% of holiday shoppers reporting that they have even started shopping before Halloween, and 52.9% of average holiday shoppers having completed all of their shopping by December 10th

Take a look at your best performing content over the last few weeks, and see if there’s anything you can repurpose or reuse for Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaigns. 

Your best image/headlines might be applicable for the weekend sales, and if not, you can at least draw conclusions of what your audience connected with and create similar content. 

3. Create Unique Experiences for Mobile and Desktop

Not all shoppers are the same. Holiday marketing is a whole new world when it comes to tailoring your campaign messaging and selecting your target audience. Some shoppers know what they are looking for and some are searching for that perfect gift idea. And, while they are all usually shopping for their loved ones, there is always a high percentage of people that love to get a great deal as a gift to themselves. This is where it’s critical to come up with new and unique ways to get in front of your right audience and the right time.

4. Consider the entire digital customer journey across content recommendation, social media, and more

We’re biased on content recommendation, but in the world of Black Friday/Cyber Monday, quality and quantity matter. Create a campaign that is clear and concise in content and has high-quality, attention-grabbing, holiday imagery that can help break through the massive clutter of the holiday shopping season. 

And, while you are getting creative, remember to be aware of the impact influencers can have on your campaigns and audience. Instagram, bloggers, and Pinterest are all gaining strong momentum.

With RevContent’s debut of Multiple Event Conversion Tracking, you’ll be able to easily see which ads, campaigns, and content played a role in getting your customer to convert. With Multiple Event Conversion Tracking, you can…

  • Make more intelligent buying decisions
  • Track and nurture your more qualified, warm buyers
  • Create separate tracking pixels for important events like lead sign up, initial purchase, upsell, etc. 
black friday marketing tips
RevContent’s new Multiple Event Conversion Tracking allows you to see which ads, campaigns, and content played a role in getting your customer to convert.

5. Discounts, Countdowns, Limited Time CPAs

As the holiday shopping seasons continue to sneak earlier into our minds and calendars each year, the holidays still seem to go by at warp speed. It is important to kindly remind consumers of what they subconsciously already know but may not actively realize once the time is here. Creating an urgency around your offers can help your audience plan and feel productive in their holiday shopping. 

Advertising Executive, Gabrielle Nagengast, said it best:

“Discounts, limited time/immediate CTAs, and listing the “amount left” (low number) on the landers! For example, a discount would be “50% off holiday gadgets” in your ad headline on RevContent or in large lettering at the top of your lander. 

For “limited time immediate CTAs,” language like “because of peak holiday demand, there are only 6 left, so get yours now!”drives that sense of urgency. Putting an actual number on your headline/creative inspires consumers to grab your limited supply.

black friday marketing tips

Throughout the next week, test your campaign. Continuously evaluate your campaign elements, closely monitor consumer behaviors, make adjustments as you go.

Sign up on RevContent to get started, and check out more holiday marketing tips from our expert team here. 

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