Best Practices for Native Advertising

Between the rising costs of online advertising and increasing concerns over banner blindness,  it’s never been more important than now to ensure your digital marketing strategies are effective. Which is why many advertisers, marketers and publishers alike are utilizing native advertising to see better results. However, this doesn’t mean this practice will automatically generate a higher returns on investment without a few key steps.

Whether you’ve just started using this form of advertising or you have yet to take the first step, be sure to follow these best practices to optimize your chances of native advertising success.

Focus on User Experience

One of the most important factors for a successful native advertising strategy is to remember what native advertising is all about: your online users.

If you present your audience with a “Cookie Cutter” native ad — without considering who they are, what they enjoy reading, etc. — they will be less likely to use (and enjoy!) your native ads in the first place. And your results? Poor click-through rates and subpar ROI.

At RevContent, we believe your users deserve better than this. We know that a native platform only succeeds when your users see value in the content you give them and have an improved experience on your website because of the platform.

Use Quality Content

When you know how important user experience is to make a native advertising strategy actually work, you’ll also understand the value of high quality content.

And not just the content you’re promoting either: your ad copy and images matter, too! Every headline, description and image used should entice readers to click. This step requires the right balance of being informative yet also sparks a user’s curiosity.

Mobile Responsiveness

The amount of mobile users visiting websites now outweighs those using desktops. If your native ads aren’t fully responsive to adapt to any device (phone, tablet, etc.), you’ll be more likely to see less-than-stellar results.

Track Engagement

As every marketer should already know, every strong advertisement strategy must have a way to track the numbers and analyze the data. By looking at results, you’ll be better able to interpret how well advertisements are performing, or which ones need more improvements.

While impressions and clicks are great, another important way to track how well your native ads are doing is to see how engaged users are with the content after they have clicked through.

Trust RevContent with Your Native Advertising Strategy

With over 250 billion content recommendations per month across dozens of the biggest websites, RevContent is the go-to for successful native advertising campaigns. We’ve created a technology that helps advertisers gain exposure while offering website owners a way to monetize their content and audiences.

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