Best Holiday Marketing Tips from Advertising Experts

5 Fun and Festive Holiday Marketing Tips

We spent the week asking our RevContent experts for their best holiday marketing tips, so here is a roundup of our team’s favorite ideas for making your holiday spending better than ever.

Consumers are expected to spend $1.035 TRILLION dollars this holiday season, and in a perfect world, you want some of that consumer spend to hit your native ad campaigns.

From Stephanie R., Senior Advertising Executive…

“Start early to save time later! Upload Black Friday campaigns the week before and be aware of your campaign intent – if it’s to make consumers aware of certain sales, run a countdown, or run a day of promotion, you’ll need to be approved and launched well before. ⏰ Healthily funding your accounts and hammering out the details before your team leaves for the holiday weekend is key.”

From Jon M., Manager, Sales and Brand Solutions…

“December sees higher than average click volume due to seasonal scaling. 📈

In November, consider doubling your creative inventory to maintain a competitive edge and win those prime placements. Maintain your testing pressure through the end of the year for best results.”

From Brent P., Director of Advertising Sales…

“Fresh content is important now more than ever to help improve CTRs and keep your CPCs down. The big Q4 spenders are starting to set their campaigns live, driving up average CPCs, so finding winning creatives to help keep your costs down is vital to a successful Q4.”

How the New RevContent Helps: Features and Improvements

We heard you earlier this year.

There were features and improvements to the RevContent network that advertisers wanted to better set up and optimize your campaigns.

Peep a few recent improvements that contributed to publisher eCPMs increasing by 117%.

Bid By Widget

To give advertisers more granular control of their targeting, we added the ability to adjust CPC bids at the individual widget level through Bid By Widget.

If you notice a specific widget or set of widgets performs better than others, and you want additional inventory, you are now able to adjust the bid amount for those widgets individually, instead of across an entire topic, or brand. Additionally, if you have a widget or set of widgets that don’t perform as well, you can lower the CPC for those widgets to a price-point that keeps you ROI-positive.

Traffic Distribution & Pacing

With new Traffic Distribution & Pacing controls, advertisers’ budgets spend more consistently with a lower risk of blowing out a budget. With better distribution, advertisers can test out widgets across the network evenly and assess what performs best. Default distribution stays on until you adjust widget bid up or down.

Now, grab your Caramel Brulee Latte, and start implementing these best tips into your own campaigns! Log in or sign up to get started.

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