Barstool Sports: Premier Men’s Lifestyle Joins RevContent In Exclusive Content Recommendation Agreement

“Though we’ve only been working with RevContent for a short time, the level of attention and concern for our content speaks volumes. We’re excited to work in hand in hand with RevContent to make the most of this often undervalued inventory as we continue to extend and solidify the Barstool brand across the U.S.,” says Chris Spagnuolo, Director of Business Development at Barstool Sports.

Barstool Sports is the go-to publication for any 21-34-year-old male looking for comedic relief in the deluge of sports and lifestyle blogs. When we first began our partnership with Barstool Sports, it quickly became clear a long-term relationship was the end goal. We both desire to bring unique content to people all over the world, entertaining, engaging, and connecting them to their favorite topics.

Almost immediately after partnering with RevContent, Barstool Sports entered an exclusive agreement after a substantial performance increase from their content recommendation solution. A large majority of our business comes from people transitioning from other content recommendation networks. We actually prefer this because it means they have tested the entire market and then decide to run their ad campaigns with us.

Trey Brenner, Director of Business Development at RevContent said, “It is awesome to be a huge fan of a site like Barstool Sports and be able to work directly with them to further their own goals. We like to put our partners in the best position possible to capture market share.  We are thrilled to see a huge ecosystem of male-oriented properties with the sought after 18-35 year-old demographic choosing to work exclusively with us once they test our placements and see the quality of the content and ridiculous returns.”

To learn more about the future of RevContent and Barstool Sports, read the full press release on Yahoo Finance.




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