Auto Bidding: The Key to Scalability and Ease for Advertisers

Advertisers are busy people. Let’s face it, the industry is fast-paced and when an opportunity arises to improve efficiency, the best move is to jump at it. The digital battlefield can be daunting and advertisers need to arm themselves with the tools to compete in this space. 

When it comes to native advertising, tracking and monitoring ad spend is a must. But, what happens when you have hundreds or even thousands of bids running simultaneously? Things can get hectic pretty quickly. 

That’s where auto bidding comes in.

Auto Bidding takes the complex process of managing bids individually and seamlessly places control over all of them under one roof. Through management platforms like, Voluum, and The Optimizer, advertisers can integrate automation through their chosen content discovery platform. 

For instance, RevContent integrates with and a host of other management platforms to bring its users easy and scalable auto bidding.

Advertisers simply have to connect RevContents API to their chosen management platform and bingo. 

You’re able to boost your campaigns in bulk, automate pausing/resuming ads based on CTR, CPA, or other methods, and track performance amongst other things. 

Director of Marketing at RevContent Katherine McDermott says: “When advertisers are managing hundreds of campaigns, they just don’t have time anymore to go through a hundred campaigns and coordinate them manually.”

The statement speaks for itself, It’s almost impossible to scale properly without tools that can help you grow and track your different metrics. By using these auto-bidding software integrations, advertisers can utilize their content discovery platforms to unlock the key of effortless scale and ad management.   

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