3 Things We Learned from You During The Affiliate Summit East 2022 Event

ASE 2022

Question:  What do you get when you combine the Big Apple with some of the most important and influential minds in the online marketing game?

Answer:  The Affiliate Summit East Event

Affiliate marketing is a $12 billion industry. That’s a lot of money. And it’s only going to grow. Experts predict that the industry will be worth $24 billion by 2022.

This year, the RevContent team had the distinct pleasure of attending the Affiliate Summit East in New York City as just one of the many amazing exhibitors and industry leaders – and to say it was an incredible experience would be an absolute understatement. Seriously. A massive understatement. 

Affiliate Summit East is one of the largest events for online marketers and publishers in the world. The conference itself spans three days, bringing together hundreds of affiliate marketers, publishers, and advertisers to share ideas, learn from each other, and network.  And were we honored to get to be part of such a fun, innovative, inspirational, and groundbreaking event?  Heck yes, we were. 

For three amazing days, we got to not only meet countless users and other movers-and-shakers in this wild and wonderful industry – we got a chance to show off our game-changing platform, answer questions from curious experts, and help show publishers and advertisers an easier, more powerful way to elevate their ROI and maximize profits. 

…so, yeah.  It was a pretty good time.   

While we enjoyed the conference from start to finish and absolutely adored the opportunity to rub shoulders with the countless industry leaders in attendance, the highlight of the conference was the opportunity we had to talk with those familiar with our platform.

We’re not going to lie: Our team had some great feedback from people who had experienced RevContent for themselves, and we were honored that these innovative and creative professionals were willing to share their insight with us.

So, what did we learn? Let’s break it down into three key takeaways: 

Takeaway #1: Overall Good Sentiment Among Users

The first takeaway: Advertisers and publishers love (and we mean SERIOUSLY love) RevContent – and it’s pretty easy to see why. Our platform has helped so many marketing professionals do the following:

  • Get quality traffic that drives an ROI
  • Have scalable and effective opportunities that are readily available
  • Dedicated partner advocates that provide strategic guidance for campaign optimizations
  • Actionable and real-time analytics

The feedback that we received was overwhelmingly positive, with most of those who used RevContent sharing that they had enjoyed a positive experience with our platform and were happy to have discovered us.

We also discovered that those who hadn’t yet experienced RevContent for themselves were interested in giving us a shot and were excited to see what we had to offer. 

Throughout the three-day conference, we were repeatedly told by both existing and new users that it was the simplicity and ease of use that made our platform special.   We were repeatedly told by users that our platform delivered great quality traffic that helped them monetize their content.

Many of those who had tried out our platform said they loved RevContent because CPCs were reasonable and the platform was simple to use, with one individually letting us know that he enjoyed being able to make adjustments on the go from his phone – something that he couldn’t do with other platforms.

Does it sound like we’re bragging?  Sure, a bit, but the facts are the facts. 

Overall, people really seemed to enjoy working with us, and what can we say?  We just loved to hear it.

Takeaway #2: Users Enjoy the UI and Can See More Potential with Minor Tweaks

Almost every single person that we connected with were more than just a little bit excited by our potential. Sure, we could get technical and tell you about how the users we spoke with mentioned how much they enjoyed the UI and how they were super eager to share ideas and suggestions to take our platform to the next level, but at the end of the day, most of them were left in awe by how powerful the platform is – and when it comes to advertising and affiliate marketing, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

As we dove in a little deeper, we were thrilled to receive suggestions, ideas, and recommendations that could help us create a stronger, more effective, and more user-friendly platform.  During these conversations with users who were familiar with RevContent, we received invaluable insight and feedback that holds tremendous potential to further simplify and strengthen the platform. 

We’re just going to say it: Our users are some of the smartest, most creative, and dedicated minds.  Whether they had opinions on how we could expand our product potential or ideas on how to pull bigger profits through marketing monetizing, their suggestions were pretty much always spot on.

From developing the ability to track multiple conversion pixels, to the suggestion that we adjust the way we display specific data within the platform, our users provided us with powerful insights and feedback that will help us build a stronger native advertising platform.

Thankfully, at RevContent, we thrive off this kind of feedback because it allows us the opportunity to make our platform even better. Sure, you might call us gluttons for punishment – but there is nothing we love more than spending countless hours finding bigger, better, and more effective solutions to help our users monetize, grow, and thrive.

Takeaway #3: Users are Ready to Do Battle with Negative Market Pressure

That’s right. You heard us: It’s time to kick out the negativity and start bringing in those higher profits.

Last but certainly not least, we heard time and time again from our users about the impact of negative market pressure, as well as the need for more sophisticated tools and clear ways to use them.

Unsurprising to anyone with a pulse and access to global financial news, we heard a lot of talk amongst advertisers about the looming recession. Thankfully, instead of just being Negative Nancy’s and launching into complaints about the economy, our users were more interested in discovering innovative advertising strategies that were recession-proof.

Throughout these conversations, it was made clear that advertisers and publishers alike want to be more strategic with their marketing and advertising efforts – and they need impactful and effective tools to help them do exactly that.

Our users shared the importance of diversifying and monetizing their income streams. As a team, we are actively working towards creating solutions that address this need. In fact, here are a few monetization strategies affiliates should consider now:

  • Take the time to really engage with your audience. Having a loyal and engaged audience that cares about what you have to say will drive sales.
  • Continue building your email lists. Push to diversify your target personas, personalize the content experience, and track and measure every touch point.
  • Push your discount codes for the products you are selling and do so with transparency.
  • Take on product reviews and tutorials beyond written blogs but incorporate videos as well.

So, what does this all mean?  

It’s pretty simple: Our platform remains committed to helping advertisers and publishers maximize their monetization and get their content in front of the right audience at the right time. By building high-value web traffic that is engaged, we can help advertisers and publishers make more money from the content they create.

Let’s Grow Together

So, the big question is:  Are you ready to start building your audience and maximizing your monetization?

that was a trick question.  Of COURSE you are.

We are excited to continue growing our community and learning from the feedback our existing users offer. Much like you, we have seen the tremendous potential of our platform and are eager to continue to build upon it. 

We would love for you to keep sharing your feedback and suggestions with us, and we will continue to work hard to build something that our users love.

Have questions or looking to see how you can grow with the help of RevContent? Contact us today for more information.

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