7 Amazing Benefits of Native Advertising

Are you looking to launch a new product line? Do you want to introduce it using new and innovative ways? Then native advertising is something you should look into.

What is native advertising to begin with? It involves ads that match the functions and aesthetics of the platforms they appear in. These ads also align with the editorial standards of a publication while meeting the expectations of a specific target audience.

Thus, they don’t look anything like banner ads and other traditional ads. As a result, they provide a more “under-the-radar” approach to advertising. 53% of consumers tend to look at native ads more frequently compared to viewing display ads.

However, the key to appreciating native advertising lies in understanding its benefits. Continue reading below for seven amazing benefits you can enjoy from native advertising.

1. Customer and Publisher Empowerment

One of the advantages you can enjoy from native advertising is customer empowerment. At first glance, businesses see customers as people looking for products and services. However, if you look deeper, you will see that your customers also want more value.

They want to find a solution to their problems and then some. Through native advertising, you are empowering consumers by giving them extra value.

A perfect example is by entertaining them while looking at your ads. Because native ads are the exact opposite of hard-selling ads, customers will not feel that you are forcing them to buy your products.

Instead, you are setting up an environment where they have the freedom to buy your products or not.

2. Boosts Engagement

Native marketing can also boost customer engagement. This is primarily because native ads blend well with the different consumer platforms.

Native ads receive higher acceptance rates compared to traditional ads. Moreover, they score higher in terms of purchase intent and click-through rates. These are some of the reasons why native ads control 60% of the market.

Native advertising captures the attention of customers more effectively. Because your ads don’t have a tone that forces customers to buy, the latter will be more receptive to the ads. They will likely go through it and click to discover more.

3. Increases Brand Awareness and Credibility

Because native ads feel more natural, they will look more interesting for customers. Once the ads pique the interest of users, your ads can go viral. When this happens, you will get a major boost in brand awareness.

The key for ads to become viral depends on the way they connect with customers. Native ads are flexible that you can integrate them into different kinds of content. You can weave them in visual, educational, and emotional content.

These are the kinds of content that people will likely share. Once they share the content, your brand also gets additional mileage.

Also, once your ads reach all sorts of people, they can help build your brand’s credibility. This doesn’t mean that native ads automatically look credible. Instead, it is the content that comes with your ads that will help build your credibility. Thus, the key to maximizing the native ad-content relationship is to create content that brings value to the consumers.

4. It’s Not Disruptive

As we mentioned earlier, the native advertisement doesn’t compel customers to buy. They don’t give people the feeling that they’re watching an ad. Hence, native ads are not disruptive.

There are many reasons consumers hate disruptive ads. 64% of users use ad blockers because certain ads are annoying. Over half of people also say that certain ads disrupt what they’re doing.

On the flip side, native advertisement’s undisruptive nature passes like regular content. Hence, users will not find them annoying. In turn, you can consider them as ad-block friendly alternatives to conventional ads.

Also, they are highly responsive to mobile devices. This is crucial considering that more consumers are using their mobile devices to shop.

5. Effective Placement

One of the keys behind the success of native ads is their placement. Through optimal placements of the ads, you can hide them seamlessly in the eyes of consumers.

The key to effective placements is to put the products in places where the audience least expects to see them. Also, better placements mean no disruptions to the workflow of advertisers.

The good thing about native ads is they are flexible enough to fit a variety of places. For starters, there is the website of publishers. There are also social media feeds.

They can also come in the form of promoted listings where the products appear on online shopping sites. Regardless of where you place the ads, the key is to place them in the most effective spaces possible.

6. Gives You More Control

Richard Marques, RevContent CEO wants advertisers to spend their money their way. Through native ads, advertisers will get exactly that.

Since traditional advertising doesn’t let advertisers know for certain who will see their ads and when, a lot of things end up beyond their control.

However, native ads give advertisers the freedom to place content where they can get the most exposure from their target audience. They give more control in the hands of publishers.

7. Expands Your Reach

Last but not least, native ads are a powerful tool for expanding your market reach. When your ads hit the emotions of people, they will likely share them on various platforms. They can use their mobile devices to share the ads across all their social media platforms.

Once your ads become viral, your reach automatically increases. In turn, more people will engage in your content. Your business will receive more inquiries that you can convert into sales.

Let’s Work on Your Native Advertising Strategy, Today!

Through native advertising, you can connect with your target market more effectively. You can also increase your reach while building your brand along the way. However, many other elements will the success of your advertising plans.

Thankfully, we can help cover all the bases through our content marketing platform. Connect with us and tell us more about your goals. Let’s take the first step to build an effective strategy that suits your business, today!

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