6 Tips For Creating The Most Killer Viral Gallery Content

Boom! You created the world’s next big viral content site. You have a great name, solid content, and enough server bandwidth to support the entire population of North America viewing your site concurrently. However, you don’t know how to structure your content pages for maximum user engagement.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and while we don’t know how accurate that statement is, we do know that content featuring impactful images garners at least 30% more shares on social media than those without images. Gallery or slideshow pages are a great way to display image-driven content and provide a significant uplift in page views per user.
Here are 6 tips for optimizing your gallery pages for maximum performance.

1. Is the slideshow format effective for your content?

While galleries give your users a sense of control, they also require continuous interaction with the page. Before you turn your content into a slideshow, ask yourself these questions:
  • When is it effective to use a gallery?
  • Does your content feature instructions with clear steps?
  • Do you have an image for each concept?
  • Do you have more than 4 items but less than 20?
  • Will breaking up the content improve readability?
If you can’t answer those questions with a “yes,” the slideshow format may not be appropriate for your content.

2. Create interesting titles that encourage clicks.

Keep in mind that, for the user, navigating through your gallery content can be a pretty big time commitment. To keep them clicking through, you need to create an irresistible title. By creating an impactful and relevant title, your audience will be drawn to work their way through your content. Here are a few methods to consider:
Benefits are always a plus
  • 10 Decorating Secrets for a Feng Shui Apartment
  • 8 Ways to Find Your Inner Peace in a Chaotic World 
Curiosity is also very effective 
  • Hollywood’s 10 Most Physically Fit Actors
  • 14 Incredible Uses for Paperclips

Keeping your audience engaged and diving deeper into your site is key to optimizing page views. Interesting titles are way more likely to grab their attention than your standard title.


3. Create compelling content!!!

Above all else, your content must be compelling! You can’t just slap a photo on a page and expect to hold your audience’s attention for long. The goal is to get the user to navigate your entire slideshow to optimize for page views. Establish your quality from the beginning – make sure that every slide has solid content, period.

4. Mobile is the future, so don’t neglect the small screen!

 eMarketer reports that in 2017, mobile ad spend is projected to blow past display, posting $35.62 billion in ad spending compared to the desktop’s $27.21 billion. OPA also reports that mobile ads in native format drive 4X higher click-through rates than mobile banner ads and are viewed 53% more frequently by consumers.
What I’m getting at is mobile is where it’s at! Make sure that your site is properly optimized for mobile. Larger font sizes and navigation buttons are key to increasing readability and user engagement. If your users can’t access your content on mobile, you’re missing out on a major opportunity.

5. For increased monetization, keep it short. 

In our experience, we’ve found that the sweet spot for proper monetization is between 4 – 10 page views per user. Only 30% of users complete a gallery session longer than 10 slides. Experiment with multiple layouts, and try adding more than one image per slide. Find what works for your audience and roll with it, just don’t over-do it.

6. Don’t forget the sponsored content!

Our team at RevContent takes pride in our reputation as the performance leader in the native advertising space. We live performance, eat it, sleep it- it’s what drives us every single day. So, trust me when I say that galleries are the perfect place to monetize with sponsored content. There are a few specific locations that work best for sponsored content placement. Take a look:
End of Slideshow:
End of slideshow placements are some of the highest performing placements that you can put your page. Why? Because it provides your audience with a one-stop shop for the next intriguing piece of content for them to feast on. Lower ad impressions but killer click-through rates.
If you have to create a long gallery because your content is just too great to abbreviate, consider adding sponsored content to break it up. This is a great way to monetize the click since many people click off of the page before completing a gallery session anyway. These placements are particularly effective on mobile.
Below Content or Side Rail:
If your primary goal is monetization, sponsored content below the gallery and side rail placements will be your most effective placements for revenue generation. Ad visibility is at its highest in those placements and almost assures a high level of engagement.
Galleries are a phenomenal way to make your content stand out. Successful implementation and revenue potential rely purely on user experience, compelling content, and proper sponsored content placements. With the right format, you are well on your way toward taking over the digital universe.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or your RevContent rep. We are always happy to help!
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