5 Ways To “Sleigh” Your Holiday Marketing

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Now that the holiday shopping season is heavily upon us, remember these 5 very important ways to sleigh your holiday marketing this year.

1. Plan and Budget Ahead

Holiday campaigns are some of the most important campaigns you will create all year. Planning ahead is crucial to your end of the year success. By allocating your budgets early on in the year to ramp up for the holiday marketing push, you can ensure you have the time and money to create engaging, successful campaigns that can both reach your audience and make the most bang for your buck. As the largest sales and lead generating quarter of the year, accounting for 81% of the year’s digital commerce growth, it is critical to be ahead of the curve. Even 74% of retailers attribute at least 20% of their yearly revenue to the holiday shopping season.

2. Launch Early

Consumers are primed and ready to shop during this season and are always looking for the best, feel-good deal. By launching early, you can get out in front of all of the other marketing clutter and stand out among consumers. People start shopping early, with 26% of holiday shoppers reporting that they have even started shopping before Halloween, and 52.9% of average holiday shoppers having completed all of their shopping by December 10th. Start generating awareness early, and get your messaging out in front of the rest.

3. Custom Tailor To Your Audience

Not all shoppers are the same. Holiday marketing is a whole new world when it comes to tailoring your campaign messaging and selecting your target audience. Some shoppers know what they are looking for and some are searching for that perfect gift idea. And, while they are all usually shopping for their loved ones, there is always a high percentage of people that love to get a great deal as a gift to themselves. This is where it’s critical to come up with new and unique ways to get in front of your right audience and the right time.

  • Get in front of your audience organically. 198 million users now actively use ad blockers.
  • Create campaigns that are dynamic throughout all devices. 53% of online shoppers in 2014 made purchases using their tablet or smartphones.
  • Don’t forget your digital presence. 80% of shoppers report that they engaged with a brand’s online presence before going to a store.

4. Quality and Quantity

In the world of holiday marketing, quality and quantity matter. Create a campaign that is clear and concise in content and has high-quality, attention-grabbing, holiday imagery that can help break through the massive clutter of the holiday shopping season. Keep the messaging concise and problem solving, which gives your audience a reason to click.

And, while you are getting creative, remember to be aware of the impact influencers can have on your campaigns and audience. Instagram, bloggers, and Pinterest are all gaining strong momentum as the leaders in holiday purchasing influencers. Take a look at these interesting facts:

5. Create A Sense of Urgency and Test

As the holiday shopping seasons continue to sneak earlier into our minds and calendars each year, the holidays still seem to go by at warp speed. It is important to kindly remind consumers of what they subconsciously already know but may not actively realize once the time is here. Creating an urgency around your offers can help your audience plan and feel productive in their holiday shopping. To successfully accomplish this, ensure you are scaling your campaigns the right times and days and getting in front of hot shopping events (read: Black Friday and Cyber Monday). And lastly, test your campaign. Continuously evaluate your campaign elements, closely monitor consumer behaviors, make adjustments as you go and repeat!


Now, go get in the spirit, remember these important tips, and set your holiday marketing campaigns to crush last year’s results!


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