4 Surefire Ways to Drive Higher Reach and Engagement

Gone are the days of posting your content to Facebook, sitting back, and watching your engagement numbers skyrocket. Today, it is key for media outlets and publications to have a consumer-first mindset and to diversify their content distribution efforts in order to survive.


Here are our top tips for ensuring you are reaching and engaging your audience:


Publisher Hosted Social Feeds: Engage.IM

It is common knowledge that audience engagement correlates with the amount of time users spend on your site. If you are struggling to keep readers engaged while maintaining the highest-level user experience, publisher hosted platform Engage.im addresses those needs.

Engage.im allows publishers to provide personalized experiences by recirculating content that is relevant to the specific user.

Engage.im is the world’s first and only truly open social feed. It allows publishers to place an infinite scroll feed directly on their websites, where their own content will be recirculated. The feed increases revenue and the amount of time users spend on site.

Engage.im’s user graph technology is 3X more granular than Facebook, influenced by current trends in user behaviors and content consumption. In other words, Engage.im personalizes the experience for each individual user so that they can discover additional content similar the topic they are already engaging with, such as related videos, articles, surveys and more.

Engage.im is a great option for publishers who no longer want to depend on social media networks to engage their audiences, but still want to diversify their content distribution and build relationships within a micro-community.

Try it out here.


Content Recommendation Networks: RevContent

You put a ton of effort into producing great content in hopes to see a significant ROI. But what if you aren’t reaching the right audience? It’s key to not only reach your target audience but to be able to connect with them on a deeper level.

Content distribution platforms such as RevContent are a great way to put your brand in front of a highly engaged audience. Your content can potentially be placed on premium websites such as The Atlantic, Us Weekly and Newsweek.

RevContent ensures that publishers are earning the revenue they deserve and their voices are heard.

Compared to similar platforms and even Facebook, RevContent’s targeting functionality is 3X more personal and granular. The personalization technology is so in-depth that it is able to hone into a user’s true self, which will allow your brand to reach the right users at the right time. Click here to try it out for yourself.


User-Generated Content

One of the most effective ways to drive brand engagement is with the help of your own audience.

Incorporating content created by your audience into your marketing strategy can build authenticity and credibility. Studies show that 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations above all other forms of advertising. Any type of content that is relevant to a brand and created by consumers is known as user-generated content (also known as earned media), whether it’s an Instagram photo featuring your product, user reviews, a high number of shares, or a tweet that compliments your company. User-generated content campaigns have the potential to improve brand engagement, increase exposure and drive sales.

  • People referred by loyal consumers have a 37% higher retention rate.
  • 64% of consumers will actively search for reviews before committing to purchasing a product or service.
  • 75% of people claim that user-generated content is more authentic than content directly from the brand.
  • Roughly 30% of the millennials spend on consuming all media is spent on UGC.


Get Personal

Delivering useful, personalized experiences for consumers is paramount. Consumers have come to expect experiences that are personal, and studies show that this expectation is increasing. If your goal is to build a strong connection with your audience and drive higher engagement, ensure your content addresses your audience’s individual wants, needs or values. Whether consumers are seeking information to solve a problem or to learn something new, they want the experience to be personal and relevant.



It is key have a deep understanding your audience at every step of their journey. Successful marketers are those that provide the right information at the right time for consumers. By leveraging data and bridging the gap between online and offline experiences, there is a huge opportunity for brands and publishers to win over loyal customers.

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