3 Business New Year’s Resolutions You Won’t Drop By February

For everyone who made New Years resolutions in December, February is the month where 80% of resolutions are dropped, says What good are resolutions if you stick to them for only one month?

Resolutions are often centered around improvement, and to be successful goals, they should be both specific and realistic. Instead of being like 80% of Americans, use February to create new resolutions that might better align with your professional goals. 

Create a 5-star User Experience

What can be better than giving back to your users? Give them the content they love along with the best user experience possible. Higher engagement and higher RPMs shouldn’t come with a poor user experience. When you visit a restaurant, have excellent service, and are served food you love, you are more likely to return, right? So, this year more than ever, pay attention to the overall experience you are providing to each of your visitors and users. To create this 5-star experience, tailor your marketing, campaigns and content to your target audience and ensure their interactions with your content are not only easy, but exactly what they are looking for and love.

Dive Into The Data

Now, let’s work on creating that stellar user experience. To do this we must remember the devil is in the…data. The right data. We had it drilled into our heads that 2015 was the year of big data. In 2016, focus on more than vanity metrics, and make sure you’re really understanding your data. Just because a metric matters to a certain marketer doesn’t necessarily mean it matters or even applies to you, your audience or your campaigns. Impressions, clicks, sign ups, downloads…now’s the time to pick your poison and really understand what each means for your bottom line. Shift your focus from looking at certain “big data” numbers to the data critical to your success and understand the reasons behind their importance. Once you have defined your success metrics you can move forward in delivering that top-rated user experience to your audience and make them want to come back for more of the tailored content that they are seeking.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

It’s time to start getting more out of your precious time. This year make it a point to work smarter, not harder. How is this possible? The first step in taking control is to use an intuitive, self-serve platform for all of your advertising and campaign needs. The second step is the real kicker. Granularity. With access to a maximum level of campaign data and details, you can create, target, attribute and monitor all of your campaigns like a genius and even make data-driven decisions in real time. With a fully-transparent, user-friendly and smart platform, you can be on your way to working easier in no time.

So now it’s time to put these resolutions into action. Let 2016 become the year you make and keep a loving relationship with these 3 resolutions for your business that actually pay off all year long.


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