The 12 Days of Interest Targeting

 revcontent holiday interest targeting
Holiday shopping is frighteningly close, and now is the perfect time to reach your target audience. E-commerce campaigns rise 16.6% during the holiday season, and with so many platforms, it can be hard to know if you’re truly reaching your audience online. Honing in on your exact audience is important, but finding them in the right place at the right time is even tougher.


RevContent Interest Targeting is a simple and highly effective way to granularly reach your audience.revcontent holiday interest targeting

James Adams, RevContent Advertising Executive, said, “Approaching the holidays, it’s crucial for advertisers to leverage our Interest Targeting due to the time weighting of the data. As the holidays draw near, browsing habits change. Since our Interest Targeting focuses on a user’s most recent browsing patterns, advertisers are able to take advantage of the time-sensitivity, positively impacting ROI. It’s like free, up-to-date retargeting without having to build your own audience – we’ve done that for you.”

A few examples of holiday interests:
  • Christmas shopping
  • Christmas
  • Holiday shopping
  • Gift shopping

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